EXPOSED: LabCorp sued for faking paternity tests – who’s your daddy?


(  Remote, USA -- 8/19/2022 -- Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LH) commonly known as "LabCorp" was sued in the US District Court, Southern District of California yesterday (August 18, 2022) for selling what can only be characterized as fake paternity tests.  How they faked a test was obfuscated by 'science' that most lay people would not understand, and that enabled the fraud to continue.  LabCorp is primarily a testing and sample collection company, above their other business lines, so this goes to the core of their model - if their tests are faked, what does LabCorp really do?  We covered this in 2019 in an article, and since then substantially more evidence has come to light, leading to the complaint.  You can read the complaint in its entirety here @ GlobalIntelHub.comLabCorpComplaint8192022

Although the science behind testing for paternity can be quite complex, it's easy to logically unravel the false premise of LabCorp.  They perform 'motherless' tests to determine paternity.  Without the mother being tested, how could the test possibly conclude that these 2 parents are the genetic parents of the child?  The idea of motherless testing for paternity is quite absurd, yet this is the standard in family court cases, in issues of custody disputes, child alimony disputes, and even crimes.

If LabCorp conducts 500k false tests per year, that means up to 150,000 men could falsely believe they have a child of their own when in fact they are not the parent.  Of course this means they must make monthly payments to the 'mother' for child support, failure to do so in some states the punishment can be jail.  It's the only debtors prison on the books in a country that supposedly doesn't have debtors prisons.  The law is so strict it will force men to suicide.  This really is no joke.  Imagine yourself as a kid, and a guy walks into your bedroom and says 'Hi, I'm your daddy.'  Of course it's bad for the kids psychological well being as well.  The damages created by fake tests are enormous.

And LabCorp has a reputation as the faker maker, take a look at this Fake COVID report for "President" Joe Biden: 

It would seem as if LabCorp is the go to testing company for faked results, in order to generate an artificial outcome, a contrived and manipulated outcome, whatever that may be.

Of course, there are many other companies that provide paternity tests.

Also not surprising, LabCorp was the first company to receive approval to offer COVID-19 at home testing, which we have all experienced is totally inaccurate, such as a Goat and Papaya testing positive for COVID-19.

The takeaway from this complaint is simple - don't use LabCorp tests (unless you are trying to frame someone for a crime, get money from your boyfriend, but don't do that too, it will come back to haunt you!).  Also it begs the question are court cases that were decided on LabCorp tests going to be revisited?  Why isn't the stock going down based on this news?  It can not only impact LabCorp, but possibly the whole testing industry, and we haven't even explored COVID testing issues.  The paternity fake test case has been ongoing since at least 2019.

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