DEI: It was never about Race and always about Class


Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 2/7/2024  Have you ever met or seen a Racist?  After living in the South for more than 20 years, I can tell you real Racism is a thing of the past.  Many of us have met those old timers that still feel in their hearts the hate from the 50's and 60's which even then, arguably, was a controlled fight to pit the working class against each other.  Those old timers are dead and dying, the new generation could care less about the color of your skin.  The only real "Racism" seen today is against Hetero White Men, for example if you want to get a job.

Or how about the Noose Hoax, implicating Bubba Wallace in a "Hate Crime?"  It's been debunked and exposed as a hoax:

Someone needs to pay for the NASCAR noose fiasco.  It was never true that a “noose” was deliberately placed, as a racist threat, in the Alabama garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the only black full-time driver on the NASCAR circuit.  “There was no hate crime” ­NASCAR boss Steve Phelps admitted Tuesday after 48 hours of ­incendiary hysteria.  No kidding.  Phelps didn’t even have the grace to act embarrassed about sending a gullible media off on a “wild noose chase” during a time of heightened racial tension.  No fewer than 15 FBI agents were summoned to investigate the false alarm.

But no one remembers the debunking, they just remember the scary fear mongering "Racism is back," and so on.  This was clearly a PsyOp, organized by people who control society.

Are you a racist if your NBA basketball team is all Black?  Isn't it racist?

Humans are an amazing and diverse group of beings with so many talents and skills, many of which are untapped.  Racism by definition is stereotyping "Racists" which in today's world really don't exist.  Because there was a period in the history of the US of "Slavery" when Racism was alive and well, it's still in our subconscious.  And so the Elite use the low hanging fruit because it's something bad we can all rally around, and they use it to divide and conquer.   So what's the real war about?  It's about class, not race, it always has been.

As the great Dr. Tony Blanton said in our Pine Crest History class, history is about the struggle between the Haves and the Have Nots.  That's how simple it is.  Do you think Oprah has any problems getting into the Country Club?  Not in Santa Barbara, or in Palm Beach (where she owns massive offensive mansions).   Being a black female billionaire doesn't excuse her from burning down swaths of Hawaii real estate for her friends at the club, she's become one of them, and skin color is not a problem.  There are tons of other examples but here is a very bright one, The Elite care only about how much money you've got, and how many people you are willing to screw over on their behalf.

99.99% of people in poor or middle class communities could care less about the color of your skin.  That's probably true with most of the Have Nots, or people who don't go to Davos.  The Elite are Race-obsessed because it's a tool of control.  Look at Racist Disney policies:

Source: Elon Musk

Based on the above, we can say that "Diversity" is itself Racist, because you are going to ultimately be discriminated against if you don't meet the 'diverse' criteria.  But that's not the problem, the problem is that when you start hiring people because they are female, and not because they are talented, you will ultimately end up with a bunch of idiots running your company into the ground.

What does Kevin O'Leary have to say about this:

In my 15 years of working with Mark and managing a portfolio of over 50 companies, I've learned a crucial lesson: hire based on merit and skills, not just to tick off diversity checkboxes. Our team reflects a blend of races, religions, and genders, not because of regulatory pressure, but because we recognize talent across all demographics. The market, not overbearing regulations, should guide business decisions. This is a point even Mark Cuban agrees on: hire the best, but understand that diversity can naturally be part of this process. The goal is balance – where diversity is a result of seeking excellence, not the primary focus. Andrea Lucas at the EEOC might disagree, but let's not forget, small businesses – making up 60% of our workforce – thrive on the liberty to hire top talent WITHOUT government interference. This freedom fosters naturally diverse, effective teams.

The Elite don't want a Meritocracy, because it would threaten the status quo.  It's the same reason they don't want disclosure.

Whether we are talking about Race or the Dodd-Frank "Protection" act the game is the same, it's the Have's vs. the Have Nots.  Increase Monopoly Power.  Screw the customer.

Their language of regulations that "Protect" the customer couldn't be more sarcastic and telling.  The FX rules for example, are a very bright example where rules make customers lose money, not protect them.  FIFO rules say you have to exit trades in the same numerical order you entered them, which fundamentally changes any trading strategy.  We talk about this in Splitting Pennies: Understanding Forex.  

There were 500 or so FX brokers in the US before Dud-Fag, now there are 3, and conditions like leverage, spreads, and overall trading conditions worsened to the point that average people just stopped trading FX, which is what they wanted.  Profits of FX at the big banks soared to record highs.  Remember that, it's all about the class, not the race, or other 'features' - Diversity is a scam, perpetrated by the Ruling Class, to brand us like Cattle and take away our individuality.

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