Congressman Tim Burchett (R) talks Technology, Stocks, and Monopolies holding back Disclosure with Global Intel Hub


Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- We have created a Podcast Vlog format we call "Intelligence Storm" in a short, inside of 20 minutes timeframe, where we talk with thought leaders, disruptive entrepreneurs, intellectuals, founders, and other industry people.  Topics include Markets, Business, Advanced Technology, Geopolitics, Exopolitics, Philosophy, and Quantum Physics.  (More info at

We talked with Congressman Tim Burchett (R) about Government Disclosure, and implications for markets.  Some of his answers we've heard before, but some were shocking.

  • He doesn't believe a Secret Space Program at scale exists, he thinks that the reverse engineering either hit a brick wall (because the technology is too advanced) OR is so compartmentalized no one knows what's going on.  But he is open minded about the possibility, he said "It would have to be VERY secret."
  • He does believe that someone out there has Zero Point Energy and is holding onto it not to destroy their existing industries.
  • He said that if a NYSE company was building UFOs (or something similar) he would invest heavily in it.  This is an interesting market sentiment, if Lockheed or other companies came out and Disclosed in fact they do have a UFO factory or are involved in the manufacturing of advanced technology, it would easily attract investors.  This is important, because the current Establishment sentiment is that Disclosure is bad for markets, that it will 'bankrupt entire industries' - and this is the argument supporting their view, to keep things secret, and maintain the status quo.
  • He said that he approached the people at Oak Ridge [ORNL] explaining that there are research dollars involved in this, and they had a blank stare (didn't get it).  This goes to the common misconception out there that Disclosure is a bad thing, and/or there isn't any value in advanced technology from other civilizations.

Some ways that average people can support him and the Disclosure initiative:

  • Find out if your representative is for or against Disclosure, and vote for them!  This is now becoming a political issue, insofar as the Government's involvement in the topic.
  • When you hear Elite's talk about it or write about it, reach out to them (or reshare their social media posts) in support of that view.
  • Keep the pressure on, showing that we support Disclosure which can be showing up to meetings, communicating with friends and neighbors, and let people you know who work for the Government that you support Disclosure.
  • Support the Witnesses and Whistleblowers that do have access to Labs working on advanced technology.

He said the Singularity that would achieve full disclosure would be:

  • A President in the White House could say "Enough is Enough" and press a button, and start disclosure.  Although we didn't discuss individual people, Trump is a pro-Disclosure candidate and tried to push Disclosure forward (and met harsh resistance).  His thought on this is that Congress is impotent to get full Disclosure across the line.
  • A Witness walks out of a Lab with a piece of a UFO or holding the hands of NHI (Some obvious evidence).

In any scenario, strong public opinion in favor of Disclosure will only help the process.  Sharing with 'normies' and your relatives that still watch TV / CNN can only be helpful.

We authored this awhile back on Seeking Alpha, regarding how to manage your portfolio in a Disclosure event:

  • The US government is investigating Unknown Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and discussing the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act, which could become law.
  • The act would allow the government to seize non-human technologies currently being developed by private corporations, potentially impacting investment markets.
  • Whistleblower David Grusch claims the US government possesses spacecraft reverse-engineered with non-human technology, which could significantly benefit companies such as Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and SpaceX.

We want to start the narrative about the business side of Disclosure, and how advanced technologies can positively impact the economy and our lives.  The Deep State is using their standard fear threat:  Disclosure will collapse the economy, bankrupt industries, etc. etc.  This is the same fear porn driving the "COVID" Operation and Vax Compliance, same as with any war.  In the most recent perverse example, Americans were bombarded with War Propaganda that Putin would soon be invading Europe, tanks would be rolling through Poland, Germany, and France.  Russia does not have the capability nor the desire for Global Colonization, in fact they were the only European power that was not a Colonial power (Their failed Alaska and California outposts were only fur trading posts abandoned shortly after their establishment.).  In fact, as now has been well established, Russians were protecting their own Russian speaking citizens in Eastern Ukraine who were being abused and killed.  Also, it has been rumored that the Deep State was building a clone army of genetically modified humans grown in tubes, bioweapons, as well as Ukraine being the drug and money laundering capital of the world, and human trafficking (slavery).  Not only that, Ukraine was taunting Russia by aiming dirty nuke tipped rockets at Russia, and sometimes sniping a soldier, not to mention the public posturing.  Biden was begging Putin to invade, so the War Oligarchs could make billions and as well, hide some of the secret operations, money laundering, and other dirty things that have been going on in Ukraine since [Soros and Rothschilds/CIA] took over around the 2014 era.  The lie is a huge narrative they spend billions on, whether it's the justification for War, getting the "Vax" - or delaying Disclosure.

They want us to believe that Disclosure is a bad thing, and that if we do it, people will suffer, there will be chaos!  Reality is that introducing advanced technology in the system would create jobs, create entire new industries, end the need for useless wars, it could end world hunger, it can possibly save lives.  The fact is that we don't know the extent of the technologies kept secret because they are secret.  However, rumors of those who have witnessed some of the technology directly, describe things like "Med Beds" and other health technologies that would be a major breakthrough for health on Earth.

Disclosure can only be positive.  Don't give in to the fear!  Fear is the mind killer [- Dune].

Watch the discussion here:

Just as anecdotal evidence, this video was taken in Knoxville, TN in Congressman Burchett's district:

This was in 2022, and it was seen 10 or more times.  In many cases, there are 10 - 20 of these in a line, and they can fly faster than any planes.  They aren't planes, whatever they are.  This was recorded near the Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport, where many planes are seen daily (we know what planes look like and how they travel - this isn't an Airplane).

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