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Reading is the ability to cheat in life’s open book test.  Those who don’t use this ability will risk failing life’s challenges and become the victim of wicked traps set by those who lived before.

America is a unique class of humans from any perspective, with the recent school shootings it seems a reminder is needed that America is a country, and a culture, built on blood, violence, greed, and the most carnal instincts of the bottom of the Maslow pyramid.  First let’s start with a bit of history.

The “Founding Fathers” as they are called, actually there were many groups who came to America at the same time.  Finally they all sort of worked together.  Mostly we can categorize them as two groups:

  • Greedy Entrepreneurs (those who wanted to find riches in the new world) AND
  • Religious Zealots whose beliefs were SO NUTTY they were exiled from their home countries, or their way of life was banned there (I.e. Illuminati)

The poor class of ‘sick and weak’ workers really just wanted a job, they didn’t really form any institutions or influence the culture here – they just worked their ass off.  This silent working class still exists today, although it is less potent than 100 years ago.

The ‘Founding Fathers’ to be precise were a bunch of White European slaveowners that said all men are created equal.  The world didn’t take America serious until Truman maimed millions of Japanese at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so all this early history has never really been explored from this perspective aside from a few books on the topic.  America was a land of freaks and nuts and counterculture revolutionaries, witches, racists, and warriors.  The American Revolution was the first realization of this collective that all agreed that violence is the first answer to solve any problem.  Fuck the British, throw the tea in the river.  The sissies that didn’t buy this line escaped quietly North and started Canada.  They wanted to remain part of George’s Empire (And Ironically, Canada is the only country to technically invade the United States mainland and burned down the White House… we’re not forgetting that one)

So how many people has USA killed?  By some estimates, it can be 20 Million[i] but who is counting.  Millions of innocent Iraqis died during the recent Gulf War 2.  The point is not the death count, but that historically throughout all known history the US has the highest civilian to soldier kill ratio.  During GW2 depending on who you ask and how you calculate it’s as high as 10.  The Military admitted it was not as low as they wanted but claim a much lower 2 or 3.  That means that if we take the average the US Army killed roughly 5 or 6 innocent civilians for every 1 combatant.  This is no joke, missiles that bomb the wrong country are subject to a refund (this is written into the contract).  These are the “Smart” bombs (see the irony, remember these were a bunch of frat buddies growing Hemp that had slaves and wrote a document saying all men are created equal).

American wars have been particularly bloody, most notably the Civil War[ii].  But we must also consider the war against the American Indians, World Wars I & II in which America was a significant player, the Spanish American war, and the ‘wars’ after World War 2 Which were not wars by the traditional definition (Vietnam for example, was not a ‘war’).

The civil war is interesting as most ‘civil wars’ are mostly fought by 2 revolutionary guerilla groups fighting for power, whereas the civil war was really a war against 2 countries that used to be one.  Something comparable doesn’t exist in Europe or Asia.  And readers should note that the Civil War was MUCH MORE bloody than was depicted in films.  There wasn’t really any medicine in that time but weapons could rip and tear flesh like never before.

If you look at the atrocities against American Indians, the biochemical infections, slaughtering of natives, infants, children, women – it was worse than the most gory Vampire flick.  They say ’80-90%’ were killed but we all know this is a fantasy, it’s more like 98% or 99%[iii].  We needed to make space for shopping malls and there was no space for tent cities, they needed to be eliminated.

If you look at the violence in turn of the century industrial cities, up until the Great Depression, there was violence permeated through every part of the American existence.  Violence led to invention, and suddenly there was a budding arms industry unique to USA.   Customers included gangs operating in USA, the Mafia, but mostly foreign clients who wanted an edge.  Guns, bombs, landmines, and other weapons were exported around the world and a new business was born:  War, Inc.  This was all just a bubble ready to pop, until something came along that made it all explode: Hitler.

It’s important to understand how Hitler and World War 2 changed the Cult of War.  Before Hitler, Americans were not interested in ‘foreign entanglements’.  Nor did the average American understand or care about foreign politics (why should they.)  But what happened during WW2 was a major paradigm shift, a passing of the baton from Britain to America, it’s former colony.  But due to a number of technological advances, War Inc. swelled in America – but there was only one problem.  There was peace!  After the defeat of Hitler (including the fact that Americans bombed Germany MONTHS after the war was over), there was a problem for the war business – no war.  War had built an economy, made people rich, made people powerful, built companies like IBM into global powerhouses.  But what now?

So the Elite invested in research and development, and with the help of Edward Bernays, invented a system that would create the need for War without any Hitler.  It’s really a complex and ingenious process, but to understand it one needs only to watch the film ‘wag the dog’.  The idea is basically to create many ‘little Hitlers’ and an information campaign – basically an advertising campaign, talking about how evil this Osama bin Laden is well he’s just like the Devil they have no soul and they ‘hate us for our freedoms’ and other ridiculous mantras.

This system is very profitable for the owners and it continues to this day.  It is made possible by the end user – the consumer, that still chooses to participate in it.  What this means?  The media manipulates people and information – we all know that.  But why do people allow it?  Here’s where it gets tricky.

Americans like blood.  They like gossip, they like to watch a disaster, a Hurricane – a big drama.  If the news media played stories about education, science, life extension, or anything intelligent no one would watch it.  It’s a catch 22.  If people stopped watching the news, the blood reporting would stop.  And thus, people would ask why 30% of their tax dollars goes to pay for murder for hire and other military actions?  Why not help puppies?  Endangered species?  It just doesn’t get enough traction.  Everyone loves a sob story but at the end of the day if we are to gauge real economic activity, like viewership, it’s always a bloody murder.  My private school literally shut down during key moments of the OJ trial.  Americans are not intellectuals.  We are bloodthirsty hedonists, innovators and entrepreneurs, robber barons and social climbers.  Jews fit here like a hat on a bald head.  Yeah, they probably engineered 911 – let them have it, they were pushed around for a few thousand years – it’s payback time!  That’s the American thinking.  We encourage and cultivate such behaviors.   In fact, if you immigrate under such circumstances you’re eligible for an SBA loan.  White American males need not apply for any benefits.  Smart people – punished.  We’re the land of the world’s revenge, politically, economically, genetically, culturally.

I am Jack’s limbic revenge.

To elaborate on the mechanism of violence and the cultivation of violence, it isn’t only a business per se, it’s also a generator for new growth opportunities.  Violence is simply the medium of exchange – it’s like the Bitcoin of the Military Industrial Complex.  There are an unlimited number of verticals to capitalize on.  Most obviously, school shootings lead to a surge in gun sales, a boost in protective measures like hardened schools, security systems, and related systems.  The additional benefit is the extreme transfer of power to school authorities who under the guise of ‘protection’ have completely militarized schools.  How do children feel going to school through metal detectors, pat downs, and being scrutinized and controlled?  Ask any of them, it’s unpleasant – it’s a breeding ground for more shooters.  Anyone confined in a cage, as any lifers will tell you – being on the inside of an institution (meaning Prison) will make you violent and certainly change you for the worse.  Now schools are becoming like that.

We’re training the next generation of militants.  Of the current school population, only a percentage will be violent militants.  90% of them will join the Army and the other 10% will become radical terrorists, joining up with a local ISIS faction or creating their own.  The current policy will have this result.  So the system itself has a vested interest in seeing school shootings continue, because it perpetuates the cult of war necessary to keep the dollars flowing “The Spice Must Flow.”

Of course, the majority of these school shootings are not false flags (but some of them ARE).  The point is that these children are the result of a violent bloody culture, a real Cult of War.  Violent video games, violent movies such as directed by Quinten Tarantino, Death music, and to a lesser extent books – create a foundation of violence in a young American who is becoming who he is.  This is most effective on teenagers, as they have the tendency to rebel and ‘think different’ but really they are being tricked as they are not thinking any different than the billions of teenagers who came before them.

If they really wanted to stop school shootings, we could put a ban on anything that encourages violent behavior, such as violent movies, video games, and sports like Football (American Football not soccer).  End the US involvement in Afghanistan, Syria, and other places, bring the troops home and have them plant trees  (this isn’t such a revolutionary idea, under Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps that’s exactly what we did with idle physical laborers during the 30’s and their work is still visible in National Parks today[iv].  There are thousands of potential non-violent roles the US Military can play here at home domestically that fit right into Trump’s America First policy, such as building roads and bridges, making new parks and adventure centers, training camps for learning useful skills, technology parks for research and development, or any number of other useful things (there are thousands of needy causes that can have a positive economic benefit too.)  But it would be impossible for Trump or any President to implement such a plan, without the consent of the people.  The guardians of the system would not allow it to happen, like they did not allow JFK to implement significant reforms.  An immediate media ban on coverage on topics of violence like shootings, whether school shootings, war, or concert sniping – this would be a good start.  But of course ratings would drop, and establishment lackeys would fear cracks would form in their dam that keeps the vast resources of intelligence in American’s trapped in potential energy; that the dam finally would break and ultimately people would question why we need these idiots to form opinions for us, why we need millions of highly paid government workers to push paper and tell us why they need to do it in a useless activity of perpetual self-justification?  That’s the irony of American government workers, they are hired to tell us why they need to be hired – remember this is the same country founded by Elite white slaveowners that said all men are created equal.  Especially when we consider Blockchain, 99% of government activities can be automated – that’s not an exaggeration.  The government has become a virus that only knows how to suck the life out of a host before moving on to the next one – whether you are a taxpayer or a victim client state like Iraq the end result is the same; a complete obliteration of any intelligence and the imposing of a bureaucratic state so powerful that if you don’t accept the management you’ll end up like Gaddafi.  Remember the Irony – US is the enemy of “Socialism” when practicing the world’s largest Socialist state right here at home.  Really what’s going on here is the US is the enemy of “Socialism not controlled by Washington.”

Here’s what the data shows (See US violence in Orange)[v]

Why the huge gap?  Do you think just MAYBE there is a correlation to THIS CHART:

What is “Military Spending” you ask?  It’s the cost of building tanks, planes, bombs, training professional killers, developing new weapons and population control systems, you can read the 124 page summary[vi] – but that’s just what we KNOW about, of course much of the Military’s budget is top secret so we’ll never publicly know where that money goes (we know, we just can’t substantiate it).

We need to be fair to the American way of life, which means this analysis is done with something more American than Apple Pie – Dollars and Cents.  We’re looking at this purely economically.  Who cares that millions are killed, injured, and otherwise offended by the US Military Machine?  It’s just collateral damage – you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.  But is this money well spent?   What are we really ‘getting’ for our money?  When the British maintained the British Empire, their colonies provided vast resources which made Britain extremely wealthy.

Could it be Global Empire has become a perverse reality show funded by the Elite?  When you have 3 mansions, your own private island, a fleet of private jets, what more could one ask for?  A revolution in the country where your father immigrated from, of course!  And it’s no joke.  Dig deep and you’ll see the connections glaring you in the face, such as George Tenet being the DCI while ‘liberating’ Albania.

Cult of War has gone beyond Colonialism, it’s not Neo-Colonialism, Imperialism, or some evolved form of rule and conquer.  It’s a grotesque hobby.  They say in War there are no real victors only victims.  That’s certainly the case here.  Romans used to feed Christians to Lions and they would watch them be mauled and finally eaten.  What we’re looking at today in the reality show called Cult of War, is much more sophisticated, we’re seeing the mass slaughter of native peoples which are fundamentally changing the history of the planet.  The more native people that are destroyed, the less competition for the sterile “American.”  Now Syria is the target, and thankfully Trump was elected or you can bet we’d be at war there too.

Going back to President Trump, a reality TV star – who is a megalomaniac and a total jerk “You’re Fired” – who better to act in the lead role in the reality show “Cult of War” than President Trump?  He was a shoe in, even though the writers, creators, and producers of “Cult of War” didn’t put him on the casting list, and were concerned that someone without a SAG card finally got in the White House.  But the role was made for this guy – there can be no better President, in a system which promotes and cultivates violence for profit.  Cult of War is America’s biggest most profitable and most watched reality show.   It is a self-feeding cycle, that one has to ask the question – who came first the chicken or the egg?  If TV was made illegal, would the violence still exist?  The answer is a likely “YES” which is why we started this essay reminding us of the bloody early history of America.  It is part of why Trump is such a perfect actor in this drama, because he’s really in some ways naïve to the way the world works, probably he’s never killed anyone or hired a hitman.  Google “Clinton Body Count” and you’ll see a long list of Clinton advisors, bodyguards, and other staff who have mysteriously died by various causes[vii].  With Trump being the big exception, all leaders have literally shot and killed their way to the top, and by doing the nefarious bidding of their dark overlords.

General Norman Schwarzkopf created a new paradigm in real time viewing of the Cult of War reality show; he put cameras in planes, on solidiers, and even on missiles.  Although they will claim it was for targeting accuracy, the fact that the images wound up on CNN at 7pm should not be ignored.  There are no coincidences, accidents do not happen.  There are no accidents!

Suddenly, war was delivered right into the living room.  And at the same time, it was completely controlled.  Reality became what was on TV.  Years later a film was made about this “Wag the Dog” which was Hollywood’s genius tell all to the world.  Science Fiction authors often write fiction as it makes for better sales and you often have the plausible deniability if anyone comes after you.

In the 1960’s an unholy alliance was formed between Hollywood and Washington.  Hollywood being mostly controlled by Jews, were happy to reward the country that saved them from utter annihilation.  Jews loved America perhaps more than other immigrant groups for obvious reasons.  Here’s the facts, dear readers, on how the CIA and Pentagon influence major motion pictures[viii]:

Tom Secker and Matthew Alford report on their astonishing findings from trawling through thousands of new US military and intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  The documents reveal for the first time the vast scale of US government control in Hollywood, including the ability to manipulate scripts or even prevent films too critical of the Pentagon from being made? - not to mention influencing some of the most popular film franchises in recent years.  This raises new questions not only about the way censorship works in the modern entertainment industry, but also about Hollywood’s little known role as a propaganda machine for the US national security apparatus.  These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles.

That’s right, and there is actually a ‘liason’ whose job it is only one function: Scrub and edit pre-production scripts all day.  The NAZI regime would famously burn books which were not pro-German (TV didn’t exist in that time).  Now, history and reality is being warped in real time.  Think of all the movies with great endings which were ‘changed’ by Phil Strub.  Was this program the real reason Hollywood films began to suck?  No, as their work is mostly editing and changing minute things (not relevant to the film but very relevant for the social control paradigm, and for the advertising image of USA abroad).

The Cult of War is made possible by an advertising system created by super Genius psychologists, the architect being Edward Bernays (but his early work was really just a foundation, for much more complex and effective methods which were developed in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.).  This program is very well funded to the tune of several billion dollars, and it has several positive side benefits.  One is the training of new recruits.  Fresh meat from foreign countries that grew up watching Hollywood films will sell their child’s Kidney for a ticket to immigrate to USA and work as a security guard or housekeeper.  Cult of War depends on these new entrants as the local gene pool is sterile, and – for reasons of information security, foreigners cannot possibly know that the whole thing is just a big show (whereas, a growing number of Americans know it, such as the ‘truther’ 911 movement and other groups).  Foreigners are the naïve bait needed to hook another generation of gullible and easily malleable participants – on which the system relies.  The irony about the ‘revolutionaries’ who speak of ‘change’ do not realize that all that is needed for change is lack of participation.  If no one showed up to vote in a fraud election there cannot be a fraud.  If people stopped paying their taxes the military would be defunded.  Et Cetera.

So how do they really control people?  First, like with any hypnosis, people need to accept and submit.  Foreigners do this blindly, without prejudice.  So they are perfect candidates.  Then, they appeal to the limbic system.  It’s a really simple process really but those involved aren’t aware of it at the time (or else they might not like it!)  They are subjects in a big experiment.  So the way it works is very subtle and intelligent.  The topic is never the means of control – it’s always what’s called in science ‘control’ – talk about something useless and benign like ‘Gun Control’ get people thinking about the wrong topics, and suggest opinions to them.  Present people who they can identify with, with compelling stories to appeal to their egos – that people can say “Yeah, I’m like that guy, I’m a star.  I’m also for gun control.  If we could just stop these killers from getting their hands on automatic weapons, school shootings would stop.  I’ll vote for that!”  They are all simplistic and designed for mass appeal.  So this doesn’t work on 100% of the population, actually it only works on about 30% - 40% if they are lucky.  But this margin is enough to sway an election or stave off revolution.  Public opinion needs to be moved only 10% to really effect change (this was realized by the FBI during the civil rights movement).  But even those who are not affected, they are affected in other ways – for example it takes up your time (when you could be doing other productive things like curing cancer, planting trees, building fences, designing robots, or just pursuing a hobby).  What the system wants from the subjects (slaves) is their time.  Free time is a real threat to the establishment.  If people were left to simply exist, there could be enough critical mass of intelligence left in their brains otherwise flooded by Prozac, invasive Hz through TV, Bluetooth, Radio, Cell networks, Aerosol Spraying, Chemicals in the food and other systems designed to disrupt normal and natural bodily functions in order to insert ‘something else’ (which is this artificial manufactured thoughts, opinions, existence).  What this means?  These Zombies are not in control of their own minds.  They are not free thinkers.  They cannot come to their own conclusions, form their own opinions, have original thought.  They are zombie-slave-drones that do what they are told on CNN.  The scary thing about this class of people, we can roughly estimate it at around 100 Million people in USA, they are candidates to be the next Manchurian candidate (especially the younger ones).  It is a long process of cultivation, in the case of George Tenet it would be the American born son of an Albanian (although masquerading like “Greeks”), not the Albanian born, who would terrorize, slaughter, and punish a generation of Serbian nationals, natural enemies to Albanians.  The complications of Balkan politics in the last 500 years are exactly the kind of fertile ground the Cult of War needs to divide and conquer, proliferate, and dominate.  For example if the US created a completely artificial country like “Meritocrastan” it would need to be created from the ground up, including its own artificial culture, story, place, actors, etc.  So by backing a fake country like “Kosovo” immediately all the old emotions, plot, actors, setting, backdrop, and drama come into effect.  Cult of War likes playing with ancient fire.  These fires were lit generations ago and continue burning to this day.  Unfortunately there are a limited number of such fires, which is why the US is taking an eye to Russia, as the list of potential enemies is dwindling to zero.  Terrorism has proven to be a non-starter and only an emergency go to plot when things get dicey.

Cult of War needs to turn domestically.  They are turning the homeland into a battlefield.  Now it’s the schools – next it can be hospitals, churches, sporting events, concerts, name it.  That’s the new episode in Cult of War.  But here’s the good news – now you know.  You can turn it off.  There is real freedom in America.  All this Cult of War is by choice.  People choose to participate.  If you don’t’ like it – stop watching CNN!  Stop hating other people and stop the ridiculous Politically Correct movement which is out of control.  Black guys can play better basketball than White Guys and White Guys on average are better Chess players – it’s not racist if you are an NBA team owner to hire all black guys nor does it make you a racist if you want to stack your chess team with White guys.   Stop going to concerts, shopping malls, order online – avoid the crowds.

“Cult” comes from the world “Culture” which is[ix]:

Culture (/ˈkʌltʃər/) is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. Some aspects of human behavior, social practices such as culture, expressive forms such as artmusicdanceritual, and religion, and technologies such as tool usagecookingshelter, and clothing are said to be cultural universals, found in all human societies. The concept of material culture covers the physical expressions of culture, such as technology, architecture and art, whereas the immaterial aspects of culture such as principles of social organization (including practices of political organization and social institutions), mythologyphilosophyliterature (both written and oral), and science comprise the intangible cultural heritage of a society.[1]

We can look at the mechanisms of social control behind each of these individually (but this essay would become a voluminous work).  We’ve discussed the most obvious and aggressive form of media, that of TV and the News Media, but how about others?  Have you noticed that American Music has had a dark tone to it for the last 30 years or so?  Grunge?  Gangsta Rap?  Are these trends homegrown, or are they spread artificially?  Let’s look at Nirvana.

Nirvana changed the music scene and created a genre of alternative rock known as “Grunge” an era that lasted 10 years strong and remnants of it still exist today.  The slacker culture that accompanied the Grunge movement should be noted, as a potential release for the growing unemployed and underemployed class, now around 95 Million and growing.  Or do new entrants join this culture and not want to work?  Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  That’s not the right question to be asking, the right question to be asking is who killed Kurt Cobain and why, as he clearly was murdered, as evidenced by this Private Detective and former LA County Sheriff Tom Grant[x].

Such events are truly conspiracies as we will never know the real truth of what happened; but the takeaway knowledge isn’t to pinpoint exactly what happened it’s to know 100% what DIDN’T happen.  Kurt Cobain did not kill himself it was an impossibility.   The “Dream Machine” his drug addiction and substance abuse, Depression; all fit the scenario.  This is how a director portrays a character.  Thus we should not be looking at Nirvana’s influence on pop culture but the followers, such as Green Day, Blink 182, and so on.

Other cultural influencers like Tupac Shakur, who obviously was gunned down by retaliatory gang violence, also were killed by unknown assailants[xi].

One year after the shooting, Las Vegas Metro Police homicide Sgt. Kevin Manning, who headed the investigation, told Las Vegas Sun investigative reporter Cathy Scott that Shakur's murder "may never be solved". The case slowed early in the investigation, he said, as few new clues came in and witnesses clammed up. He said the investigation was at a standstill.[23] E.D.I. Mean, a collaborator of Shakur's and a member of Outlawz, said he was positive law enforcement knew "what happened" and added, "This is America. We found Bin Laden."[18]

Why is it that such a high profile gang related target is shot in cold blood in the middle of city limits and the murder ‘may never be solved’ ?  Perhaps it wasn’t as simple as Tupac beating another gang member hours earlier (as is the MO with many establishment hits, the alleged murder suspect was killed 2 years later).

The glorification of gang violence, mob violence, and how it is just a normal part of society – is permeated through rap music, violent movies and mob movies.  Films like Goodfellas doubled their investment at the box office whereas films like “Dune” with complex plots that stimulate the imagination consistently lose money.

To understand how Cult of War works we need to see how these seemingly unrelated things are all intertwined.  It seems logical that the CIA would approve or modify movie scripts which are pro-American.  If this, and the proliferation of violent video games, were the only 2 points of observation, they could be coincidental.  But there are hundreds upon hundreds of examples of state sponsored pro-violent movements.  Since the changing of the name “War Department” to the “Department of Defense” a complex psy-op has been executed that allows for the continuation of war as a business.  This means that, if the President of the United States got on TV and said “We’re going to bomb brown people, but we need a few billion in tax dollars” of course no one would agree.  So it needs to be carefully crafted as being something good.  The military liberates a village by bombing it (in any other context this would be illegal).  This is the twisted logic of selling war to the people.  It has to have a high ethical ground, there has to be a victim, someone who is being ‘liberated’ or ‘saved’ – and in this way, America is ‘helping people.’

Cult of War provides jobs, entertainment, and re-establishes the status quo on a global scale, daily.  What can go wrong?  By the way, we aren’t exposing anything secret here, this issue has been documented by nearly all major media at some point.  If you’d like to read a good mainstream news article on this topic try this NY Times article entitled ”Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the CIA”[xii]:

C.I.A.: Secret Shaper Of Public Opinion: A decade ago, when the agency's communications empire was at its peak, embraced more than SOO news and public information organizations and individuals, According to one C.I.A. official, they ranged in importance “from Radio Free Europe to a third‐string guy in Quito who could get something in the local paper.”  Although the network was known officially as the “Propaganda Assets Inventory,” to those inside the C.I.A. it was “Wisner's Wurlitzer.” Frank G. Wisner, who is now dead, was the first chief of the agency's covert action staff.  Like the Mighty Wurlitzer, almost at the push of a button, or so Mr. Wisner liked to think, the “Wur‐1 litzer” became the means for orches‐1 tracing, in almost any language anywhere in the world, whatever tune the C.I.A.; was in a mood to hear.

Well, if it’s in the NY Times it’s not so secret is it, so this is about the closed programs.  We can only wonder what the CIA and friends at the NSA are up to these days?  We know what they’re not doing, they’re not sending agents (in body) in theater like they did 20 years ago.  The days of spying are mostly over.  In a world of global electronic surveillance, the modern spy is a signal processing expert, a computer programmer, or similar job sitting in a bunker style office somewhere sifting through big data being recorded by Echelon, and other systems.  Maybe their game now is Cryptocurrency tracking?  Silk Road sure was the biggest and easiest bust in agency history.

Now that you have read this article completely (thank you!) if you want to get a real life example of how Cult of War works, and how the world really works, checkout the book “IBM and the Holocaust” you will not be disappointed.  It is a real life story that explains some of the history here of Cult of War, specifically about ties between the US Military and big business interests.   Or you can checkout our works, start with Splitting Pennies.













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