The Conspiracy Mill

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5/28/2017 - (GLOBALINTELHUB)-- Ever since JFK the word 'conspiracy theory' has been used to discredit anyone holding a non-conventional view, such as based on facts regarding the CIA's role in providing security at Area 51 (and the point being, what are they doing there?).  But since the Trump election 'conspiracy theorists' like Alex Jones have been thrust to the forefront of the mainstream information curve.

It seems now the Democrats will stop at nothing to create their own 'fake news' and 'conspiracies' to destroy the fairly elected Donald Trump.  But many of us remember it was recently Republicans creating 'vast right wing conspiracies' about leading Democrats.  The fact is, there is little difference between the two parties, they are both funded by the same sponsors.  This groundbreaking documentary explains how the world really works from the ground up; the tools used to manipulate the population into blind submission.  This is a must watch - but bear in mind a few tidbits;

  • JFK as an event is completely irrelevant today; however - as it was so deep in the past, it's possible to analyze it better than more recent events like 911 (even though there is less forensic evidence).  It isn't just for history buffs, it explains how the world 'really' works.  In the case of FX, it shows the simple path leading Nixon to office and finally the creation of a free floating FX regime.  (THINK:  If JFK survived, would we have FX?)
  • The tools built by the military industrial complex post World War 2 have evolved only in technology, they are using the same bag of tricks.  Thus, by understanding how this game works, we can better understand what's going on today, whether it be how to improve your business, your finances, your portfolio, or understanding of the upside down pyramid structure that runs the world.

Importantly, the CIA has been engaged in the conspiracy mill in foreign countries for years.  Part of winning any war, is first winning an information war.  But this strategy was used in a domestic political election, clearly a violation of their mandate.  And, logically - if they will violate their mandate once it is logical to assume they would for any other reason they deem necessary.  Or who knows what lengths they may go through to justify their power and expanding budgets (i.e. Project Blue Beam).

Message for traders/investors: If you understand how significant events like 911 were rigged, as large scale Hollywood productions, you can understand how markets are rigged, and thus - see things for what they really are.

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