ALERT: Bitcoin, NSAs MONKEYROCKET, is going to save the old financial system from collapse

(Bloc10 4/29/2018) — This is a macro-deep-analysis of how Crypto can create a new parallel system by feeding off the old carcass of the dying fiat central banking model. As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – the financial world is not as it seems. Gurus from many, non-correlated financial disciplines have been predicting […]

The Conspiracy Mill

5/28/2017 – (GLOBALINTELHUB)– Ever since JFK the word ‘conspiracy theory’ has been used to discredit anyone holding a non-conventional view, such as based on facts regarding the CIA’s role in providing security at Area 51 (and the point being, what are they doing there?).  But since the Trump election ‘conspiracy theorists’ like Alex Jones have been thrust […]

CIAs role in financial markets EXPOSED by documents release

The CIA is under pressure from a lot of individuals and groups that question the agency’s relevance in today’s world, even Jack Ma dropped the comment at Davos that $14 Trillion was ‘wasted’ on wars over the years.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – The CIA has been a currency manipulator […]

War on thinking – CIA controls the markets, too

(GLOBALINTELHUB) – There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the ‘internets’ (The internet is a medium which was invented by Al Gore and named ‘internets’ by George Bush) about CIA mind control, and CIA propaganda techniques being heavily used in the campaign to deceive the public about Russian ‘hacking’ and to create false enemies […]

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: The Fed’s “Stealth Bailout” Of Foreign Banks Goes Mainstream

Back in June 2011, Zero Hedge first posted: “Exclusive: The Fed’s $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of The Domestic Economy, Or Explaining Where All The QE2 Money Went“ which we followed up on various occasions, most notably with “How The Fed’s Latest QE Is Just Another European Bailout” and […]

The Greatest Propaganda Coup Of Our Time?

From Mike Whitney of Counterpunch [48] The Greatest Propaganda Coup of Our Time? There’s good propaganda and bad propaganda. Bad propaganda is generally crude, amateurish Judy Miller “mobile weapons lab-type” nonsense that figures that people are so stupid they’ll believe anything that appears in “the paper of record.” Good propaganda, on the other hand, uses factual, sometimes […]

Why Banks Are Doomed: Technology And Risk

GIH:  Few understand how the banking system really works, and fewer understand how it’s working now with addition of technology.  Most rules, knowledge, books, systems, etc. that define the banking system were done a long time ago, before the internet and computing, and before globalization.  As stated in this article (below), banks – in their […]

Exposed: Barclays account details for sale as ‘gold mine’ of up to 27,000 files is leaked in worst breach of bank data EVER

GIH: An unprecedented data breach shows the real City; where brokers will do nearly anything to make a buck, including gouging clients on commissions, and stealing customer data to sell to the competition (or worse, scam artists).  It’s becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between ‘legitimate’ financial institutions and ‘fraudulent’ ones, if such a […]

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

The Federal Reserve (or Fed) has assumed sweeping new powers in the last year. In an unprecedented move in March 2008, the New York Fed advanced the funds for JPMorgan Chase Bank to buy investment bank Bear Stearns for pennies on the dollar. The deal was particularly controversial because Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, sits […]

Germany Has Recovered A Paltry 5 Tons Of Gold From The NY Fed After One Year

GIH: It appears that the so called “Gold Conspiracy” that Gold is being sold secretly and in some cases being replaced by tungsten, has been going on for years.  According to the following internal central bank memo, Gold delivered to the Bundesbank was not received as “Good Delivery” – also, Germany’s recent project to repatriate […]

Fed’s Bill Dudley: The Fed Doesn’t Fully Understand How QE Works

The Fed’s Bill Dudley admitted what many of us already suspected.  The Fed has no clue how QE would affect the markets.  Such a statement from a high level Fed official is unusual, and a very telling sign. From Zero Hedge: Well, it took three years, but finally the Goldman Sachs-based head of the New […]

Move your funds to a co-op for a better system

Capitalism, or any free market system, is always defined by it’s participants.  Goods and services in demand will be provided to the extent possible.  We all make economic decisions on a daily basis, and by doing so, are creating the system.  For example, if everyone decided not to buy watches, at some point, they would […]

Has banking become another marketing enterprise?

When you think of large banks, you probably don’t think of an eat what you kill approach to keeping your job.  Probably it’s not commonly known that behind the scenes, most who work in financial institutions are paid very low wages, and are under constant pressure to sell financial products to customers, to earn a […]

Central Bank of China imposes Bitcoin restrictions for financial institutions, price falls

The PBOC said explicitly that it’s now forbidden for financial institutions to develop any business related to Bitcoin.  But they left it open that the public is free to participate in such transactions, so long as they bear the risk. FT adds: The Chinese regulators noted three main risks. First, they said Bitcoin was an […]

EC fines bank record 1.7 Billion Euro

Today, the European Commission has fined six financial institutions for a total fine of $2.3 Billion USD, a record fine.  This takes the total tally to $6 Billion in fines.  It makes one wonder, at what point do the fines get so high that the activities they are being fined for are not net profitable? […]

Auction System Failure Forces US Treasury To Postpone 3, 6-Month Bill Auctions

It’s hard to believe that the computer systems running multi-billion dollar markets are crashing, like the Nasdaq has been doing on a near weekly basis.  But now it’s happening to the US Treasury market.  It makes one wonder about the real stability of our markets, when the systems that run them are constantly breaking. While […]

Bitcoin Rises Over $500 – Is it a valid asset?

Bitcoin has breached the $500 mark as the US Congress convenes its first hearing on “Virtual Currencies.”  From Zero Hedge: Finally, for those curious what a “fair value” on Bitcoin may be, here is what we presented [13]a week ago, courtesy of Global Macro Investor’s Raoul Pal: So yes: Bitcoin is volatile. Very. That much […]

C.I.A. Collects Global Data on Transfers of Money

It appears the NSA is not the only agency with data collection programs that are not widely known.  Several officials (both current and former) confirmed the programs’ existence anonymously as the program is classified.  From the New York Times: The Central Intelligence Agency is secretly collecting bulk records of international money transfers handled by companies […]

Do central bankers really know what they are doing

Bankers like Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Mervyn King, and many others, have a sense of posture and way with their words that projects an image of confidence in their policies, with near mystic quality.  But even the Grand Wizard of banking Alan Greenspan admitted later that he made a mistake in not avoiding the financial […]

Bitcoin hits record high, attracts attention of US lawmakers

Bitcoin was thought to be dead and dying after a series of attacks to the Tor network, and the shutdown of the site “Silk Road” a site where users could purchase anything illicit from drugs to fake passports.  But since then Bitcoin has surged to record highs, attracting the attention of the US Senate which […]