Bill Yields Turn Negative On Safe-Haven Un-Rotation

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While many watch the stock market, we should take note of the bond markets, specifically the US Treasury market, as a means of more 'real money' sentiment.  From Zero Hedge:

As stocks have vacillated in a worryingly not-straight-up manner for the last few days with today's weakness taking the Dow and S&P 500 pre-holiday lows (with th ebiggest drop in a month), it would appear more than a few 'investors' are greatly unrotating into the very shortest-term Treasuries as a safe-haven from the turbulence. The last few days have seen Treasury-Bill yields swing negative in the less-than-1-month maturity indicating anythng but risk appetite as a scramble for safety is strong enough to warrant paying (albeit marginally) for it. As we noted previously [4], the driver of Bill Gross' 'bet' on the short-end will not be based on always wrong expectations of what Fed monetary policy does to prices, but the exodus of speculative money from equities into safe havens, call it the Great Unrotation.

The mid-Feb bills are so aggressively bid as to push the yield negative...


Of course, what is also problematic for those seeking safety is the wall of doubt starting in early March over the debt-ceiling debacle...


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