Bill Yields Turn Negative On Safe-Haven Un-Rotation

While many watch the stock market, we should take note of the bond markets, specifically the US Treasury market, as a means of more ‘real money’ sentiment.  From Zero Hedge: As stocks have vacillated in a worryingly not-straight-up manner for the last few days with today’s weakness taking the Dow and S&P 500 pre-holiday lows […]

It’s Getting Congested: The World’s “Three Handle” Ten Year Bonds

A convergence of US/EU bond spreads sends an ominous message about the comparison between the false US recovery/QE program and the EU crisis. From Zero Hedge: Forget “the 1%-ers”, meet the 3%-ers. As US Treasuries sell-off and European bonds continues to surge, the 3% handle on government debt is becoming a crowded trade with the […]