Biden Sanctions cause more USD inflation than Trillions in QE

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The world at large doesn't see how grand super cycles are engineered, going back as long as Central Banks have been at the center of Monetary Policy.  The Central Bank, working in conjunction with political power (i.e. Biden) is the "Hidden Hand" that Adam Smith spoke of.  It's not really hidden, what he meant by that, it's obfuscated by lies.

Russia sanctions didn't have any negative impact on the Russian economy, on Putin or his inner circle, on the Russian Military, or anything starting with "R."  It's had actually the opposite effect, Russian oil profits are at an all time high, and due to Sanctions Russia has been able to open new markets with BRICS, Iran, and other countries.  There is no domestic inflation in Russia, the Ruble is strong, there are no 'shortages' or 'supply chain' issues.  They have cheap gas, cheap energy, they are warm, and overall this has been a good war for them thus far - only because of Sanctions.  Here's HUMANINT from the trenches:

In the US however, Sanctions meant suppliers had to scramble for energy.  Higher costs of Gasoline, Diesel fuel, fertilizer, and other products no longer available from Russia - caused all prices to increase.  Energy is everything in the US economy, the average tomato travels 1500 miles from farm to store, and it's the same trip every week.  If gas is 30% higher, the price of the  tomato is going to be 40% higher (they need to maintain profit margins).  This has other knock - on effects, the tomato farmer has to pay more for fertilizer, and farm equipment is inflated as well - everything in the US is oil driven.

During the 1950s there was an EV revolution driven by California Tree huggers (it started in the 1905 - 1910 era) which was seen as a threat to Big Oil, so in the 1960s a campaign was created and the entire EV industry was destroyed.  (See Pacific Electric trains)   Now, this Monopoly is intent on destroying the Oil industry in favor of EV (Even if that EV is fueled by Coal.. )

During the 2020 COVID QE program where Trillions were not only created but actually given to the people in the form of stimulus checks, and to businesses in the form of "COVID Relief" - inflation was bad but it was contained, it was a supply and demand issue.  More money, means prices go up.  Monetary policy was driving it.

Sanctions driven inflation is more complex, more subtle, and has more obtuse knock on effects.  It is supply side inflation, less energy (Oil, Gas, etc.) coupled with an increasing M1 Monetary base means that the costs of all products and services go up.  Because things are more expensive, not based on consumer demand but based on wholesale costs, this creates demand destruction.

Demand Destruction happens when a product is too expensive for consumers and so it doesn't sell.  That causes inventories to increase, and next cycle shops will not buy those high priced not selling products, which means less choices in the stores.

Ironically, many retail shops in the US look like Soviet retail shops during USSR - they have products, just less choices.  Soviet Russia was tough, but no one starved.  What you had was similar to what Americans have now, you may only have 2 or 3 choices of sausages, and the one you normally get (like Boars Head) is twice the price what it was a year ago.  That's 100% inflation, but it's only at the high end.  Common goods do not suffer this effect.

And in the case of food, you have a phenomenon of spontaneously combusting food production facilities, more than 1,500 to date, making the problem even worse.

Why would Biden want to destroy the US Dollar?  There are about 100 Billion answers, first let's quickly take the Biden mask off.  He plays the old fool well, as those in the know already know, a US President is a well qualified actor.  They don't make policy, write speeches, or really do anything other than give speeches, shake hands, eat dinners, and go to parties.  Just like all the fake news about Trump was totally wrong and baseless, so is the fake news about Biden.  He's playing the fool.  No one can accuse Biden of being the architect of the destruction of the greatest most powerful economy on the planet, you see.  It would be impossible to believe, this is the ultimate limited hangout.  Let's take the mask off:

Who is really in charge?  What are their goals, what is the Modus Operandi?

If someone, for example a central banker, major Currency trader, or other international investment banking firm somehow had control of the White House, this would be a great trade.  It would be obvious what domestic economic damage this would cause; a US Dollar Index that goes to the moon, combined with domestic inflation also parabolic.  These 2 things are correlated in that foreign companies need to buy US goods at inflated ever increasing priced in USD higher prices - thus fueling the USD "Melt Up."  Ask buyers in any industry and they will explain this to you.

If one were so inclined, and had the power, connections, and capital - this would be an easy way to capture a 200% or even 500% return, while accomplishing domestic political agendas.  This has been the MO for the CIA overseas since World War 2, fund activism, install your own asset, collapse the currency, and provide a 'rescue' loan with the IMF with 50% interest rates, which they know will never be paid back.  This happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, most of South America, Guatemala, etc.  .. And is now happening in Ukraine.  If you want to know who is running the show, where does the money flow back to?  Who holds the paper on Ukraine ?

This all flows back to answering the question, why would Biden intend to destroy the USD, and the answer becomes quite clear.  His handlers have ordered him to do that, in order to achieve their end game.  This has happened to hundreds of countries, but never to America, at least with the US being the one pulling the trigger.  But who is counting, no one is keeping score anymore, most people don't remember what happened last week or 911, who won the game last week?

Remember, war is always not Red vs. Blue, it's the Haves vs. the Have Nots.  50% - 100% inflation just capped the masses at the knees, forcing them to grovel for survival, become debt slaves, and/or scrounge for survival.  The Haves may have taken a ding in their portfolios, but it was all paper money anyway, there is no real value in stock equity if you are a Billionaire (because, you can't sell, you would destroy the market) - the value for you is in CONTROL, and that's what this environment has created.  Welcome to the New World Order - social control paradigm 2.0.

It is the Sanctions against Russia that have caused rampant inflation, and exacerbated the supply chain issues with both energy inflation and supply of raw materials in the Russia-Bloc being squeezed (unavailable).  Sanctions are a great example of how policy impacts FX markets, it is not common and not the only one.  But it is in the case of the Russia-Ukraine 2014 - 2022+ war, post COVID inflation due to QE, perhaps the most devastating.

*Authors additional note - Biden has nothing to do with the policy he implemented, he is obviously a remote controlled robot of some kind, an advanced form of bio-AI.. But the designers of the FX policy are brilliant, 200 IQ investment bankers that understand FX and global markets better than anyone on the planet.

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