Are stablecoins such as xSigma the future of Crypto defi investing?


GlobalIntelHub - Charlotte, NC -- 2/13/2021 ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE

Bitcoin is hitting all time highs, and investors are all debating to buy the high.  Groups like Tesla have made public announcements of their BTC investments.  Everyone accepts that it's a bubble, but the bubble keeps going higher.  And it's not only Crypto, it's stocks, real estate, and other markets.  Ironically, SLV struggles to move higher, even though physical silver is trading at a 2x premium over paper.

xSigma is a stablecoin exchange and a liquidity mining platform backed by a public NASDAQ company, launched by world-class developers from xSigma Labs.

While they haven't released the architecture yet, there are hints that the stakers will keep their funds in stablecoin such as USDT - which means the risk for staking is relatively low.  Typically, the risk for staking is only the volatility of the token, and it's change on the markets in price, relative to BTC or other crypto currency.  The way staking works is simple; stakers deposit funds which are 'locked' for a period, and are rewarded for that with stablecoin.  If the rate of the staking token is fixed, you're literally getting something for nothing with staking. has created a support page for this crypto project, but it's really for anyone who is new to crypto but not familiar.  What we have explained to many traders who are getting into this is that it's not so different than trading, the difference is the platform is the blockchain.  Blockchain is online - it's basically an immutable peer to peer database (or in financial terms, a 'ledger') - as opposed to a trading platform managed by a broker or exchange.  If the platform is totally decentralized, it's known as DeFi or Decentralized Finance, which is the realm that xSigma operates in.  But the problems xSigma is solving is one of transparency and credibility.  In many DeFi projects you don't even know who the founder is, who owns the website, and who is responsible for maintaining the project.  xSigma is managed by a publicly traded company, $ZKIN a micro cap stock, the parent company makes water pipes.  Water is actually a very stable and uninteresting industry, making the project all the more solid.  ZK International has a robust underlying business where they manufacture, deploy, and maintain water piping systems for buildings such as stadiums, offices, apartment complexes, and housing.

The problem with investing in BTC is timing - like any asset, it goes up and it goes down.  The HODLr strategy, which stands for "Hold On for Dear Life" means you buy and never sell.  That's actually the Warren Buffet approach - find an asset with good fundamentals and buy (invest) - don't sell.  This has worked for the BTC investors, and they often add more to their position on the downturns.  Anyway, it's never wise to put all your assets in one basket, and stablecoins present a safer alternative to volatile crypto markets.  You can read the whitepaper or join the waitlist:

xsigma.whitepaper Join the waitlist at

There are a lot of DeFi projects out there, what is attractive about xSigma is the transparency.  Those who are familiar with stock investing, should understand disclosure rules.  When a company is publicly traded, rules apply that don't apply to private companies.  Pre IPO markets have become popular lately, but the disclosure rules haven't changed.  If you buy Impossible Foods stock, you get no information, no presentation, no financials - nothing.  Just a subscription agreement or STA to sign.  Publicly traded companies have a disclosure burden that other DeFi projects will not have.  The whitepaper is well written and detailed so don't believe us we aren't pitching this - read it for yourself.  Coinbase also offers some stablecoins you can invest right on the Coinbase platform, and Coinbase is going public via IPO (you can't buy shares in private markets, they are blocking transfers - so don't bother).

If you'd like a good read to get started checkout Splitting Bits - a primer on Crypto & Blockchain, written as a sequel to our best seller Splitting Pennies.

For some free resources to get started in Crypto, checkout our Crypto page on the blog

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