Tether’s First Reserve Breakdown Shows Token 49% Backed by Unspecified Commercial Paper

From coindesk The new composition report is part of Tether’s efforts to stay in compliance with a settlement with the New York Attorney General. Tether revealed the breakdown of its reserves for the first time, casting another sliver of light on the backing of USDT (0%), the largest cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar. Much remains murky, […]

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Are stablecoins such as xSigma the future of Crypto defi investing?

GlobalIntelHub – Charlotte, NC — 2/13/2021 ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE Bitcoin is hitting all time highs, and investors are all debating to buy the high.  Groups like Tesla have made public announcements of their BTC investments.  Everyone accepts that it’s a bubble, but the bubble keeps going higher.  And it’s not only Crypto, it’s stocks, real […]

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