W&T Offshore: A Solid Buy For Energy Exposure

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  • WTI has a lot of room to move up, given the recent demand for Oil.
  • Consumers are shifting to purchase from the US and US companies.
  • The Market Cap of WTI is less than 1 Billion USD, making this a steal.

W&T Offshore (NYSE:WTI) is not well known like the larger Oil companies, and that's where part of the value lies. Based in Houston, TX W&T Offshore has interests in 43 active Oil fields, and has 606,000 gross acres under lease for the purposes of Oil & Gas exploration and extraction. Their focus is on their backyard, i.e. the Gulf of Mexico on the shelf and Deepwater. Before getting into more details, let's take a look at the basics, to use this as a baseline for a value comparison.

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