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Who is the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati, Dark Ones, the Brotherhood of the Snake?


Global Intel Hub-- ((From the VOID)) -- The Deep State is perhaps not the best term, or perhaps it is multi-dimensional language?  On the surface, the "Deep State" are unelected Government officials who wield huge powers, also known as the Administrative State.  A deeper look at the term may mean the "State" or "Government" that operates our planet from "Deep" underground.  Could that be true or is that all just fantasy?  Or is it a term implying multi-layered compartmentalized government, i.e. the "Shadow Government" or the "State within the State" - that could also mean the Banks who own the Government (The Fed, and the Owners of the Fed).  Regardless of which level we are referring to, there clearly is a "Hidden Hand" that's controlling both political parties, both sides of War Conflict, and Manipulates Markets.  It's easy to make money when you are the one making the market move (example: 911 put options bought days before the event - by who?  records 'burned' in the fire!).

Do you really believe that we are the only intelligent life in the Universe?  If so, then you must believe in the Creation myth of Primordial Soup, that humans evolved randomly when lightning struck an ancient mud, creating small organisms which evolved into man over millions of years.  Friends, we are being lied to.  And it's the Central Banking system that keeps us operating as happy slaves, rats on a treadmill, waiting for our next pellet.  When you dig back in history to who started the Central Banking system, and you look at the Bank of Amsterdam, the Rothschilds, and other banking houses in Europe at the time, you have to wonder if it all started there.  Or was there something behind the Rothschilds rise to power as well.

First explored in 1993 work The Gods of Eden, author William Bramley connects the dots between JFK and the secret societies of Ancient Egypt, the Brotherhood of the Snake.  He shows circumstantial evidence pointing to forces beyond human which control Earth society through the religions of the world, through the secret societies, and now through Central Banking.  Let's face it, we live in a system where people with money are rewarded, not the Meritocracy we were told.  The problem is that the people who created the Central Banks have an unfair advantage, they can create as much money as they want, and the current state of markets is big bank takes little bank.  The bigger company always wins.

Take for example private markets like Venture Capital.  If you look at the strategy of Silicon Valley, it becomes quite clear.  A few big VCs dominate the funding market, and they all go in together.  If something fails, they throw more money at it.  In the rare cases of FTX, WeWork, Sequoia said it represented less than .2% of the balance sheet.  The idea of a free market is a lie they sell to rats to get them back on the treadmill.  The series of lies created by well paid 2oo IQ scientists like Edward Bernays, go something like this:

  • If you work hard, you too can become a billionaire!  (Even "Social Mobility" statistics are skewed, leaving out small details like the Bill Gates father being corporate lawyer for IBM connection, Nepotism, etc.)
  • Humans are the only beings in the Universe, and we are the top of the food chain.
  • If it wasn't one brutal regime, it would be another (A justification for brutal Colonialism, etc.)
  • Humans are like animals and need the Elite to herd them like sheep.

The fact remains the system is extremely unfair and rewards those who were at the top 500 years ago.  Regardless of the "Social Mobility" stats very few people have started from nothing and made billions, the clean way, without doing the dirty work for the Elite, or with help from a Rich Uncle, or by basically becoming 'one of them' - in other words, there is ZERO Social Mobility, in reality - there is the appearance of Social Mobility, but what that really looks like, it's just the Elite accepting a new member of the game.  If you don't play the game they will kick you out of the game, or you are a slave.  There's no 'middle class' for longer than a decade, and if it's not inflation that gets you it's going to be the GMO foods or one of the other millions of booby traps laid out.

So who are these people, or 'what' are they?  We're starting a show and tell process, a meet and greet if you will - but it doesn't really matter.  As the Psy Ops of the Deep State will tell you, it's all Trump's fault.  When he's not around anymore, it will be Elon's fault.

Truth has it's own frequency, and it vibrates at a higher frequency than lies, bs, and Psy Ops.  Love is a more powerful but less acute and obvious force, compared with fear, intimidation, hate, and trickery.

There's one way out - just don't consent.  Just say no.  Don't buy-in.  You are the most powerful economic force in the market - not the billionaire.  Remember, the banks need the economy, to provide loans, etc. The economy DOES NOT need the banks.  They are (Meaning the Banks and the Elite) the Vampire Class, the Vulture Class, that needs fresh meat to feast on year in and year out, but they can't violate your free will, they need your consent.  So that's where the Psy Ops come in, the lies, the Propaganda, we need war, because if we don't fund Ukraine, Putin is going to invade Europe, and we'll all be speaking Russian!  What a bunch of nonsense, yet there are those who still believe.

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