What are Pfizer and Moderna hiding?


Global Intel Hub -- Ed Dowd has been making rounds on the alternative media alleging that Big Pharma but specifically Moderna and Pfizer are involved in a massive fraud, which will culminate in lawsuits driving their stocks to zero.  If one understands how Big Pharma traditionally operates as a cartel, this isn't so surprising - but the severity of this fraud (people are dying and being mamed/injured) makes this in a class of it's own.  Here's one observation from Twitter:

We found a collage of evidence of the self-assembling Nano tech and shared it on Twitter, which immediately got flagged.  Why?  We have been posting tons of this evidence on Twitter for the last few months, and there is even an account @theysayitsrare dedicated to posting real anecdotal stories of vax injuries and other anomalies.  In our experience, if you are banned, censored, blocked, and/or vilified you are clearly onto something.

Twitter explicitly reads keyword text surrounding posts so let's look at the text: " 5G Powered Graphene Based Nano-Tech in the Pfizer Vaccine "

In the video, which you can see here, it shows evidence of the self-assembling Nanotech and by using duck duck go you can find the sources for that evidence.  Scientific papers have looked into this, suchg as the first referenced study that we downloaded in PDF so you can read here: IDENTIFICATION_OF_POSSIBLE_MICRO_TECHNOLOGY_AND_ARTIFICIAL_PATTERNS


Here is an image from the analysis of a vaxxed human:

Hundreds of these machines form and they emit a frequency which is similar to the frequency 5g operates on.  We don't know what the connection is between 5g and the vax, if any, but it is interesting that the same Hertz is recorded.  Many have also observed that vaxxed individuals emit a MAC address.  We don't have information to make conclusions about why or how this all works but the point of Ed Dowd is simply that:

  • They are lying to us, and the FDA is hiding bad clinical trials.
  • The FDA is 'in on the scam' so to speak.
  • There are statistical anomalies from the Insurance industry, which captures very accurate mortality data because of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and for other reasons.
  • Mortuaries, Funeral Homes, and Coroners are seeing high correlations with vaccines and blood clots, and similarly observing a spike in total deaths (not COVID).

The original outline of the investment thesis can be seen here: Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurers? Ex-Blackrock Fund Manager Discovers Disturbing Trends In Mortality

Ed's prediction (he has no skin in the game) Moderna (MRNA) goes to Zero, Pfizer (PFE) below 10.

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