WaPo Opposes Syria’s Liberating Struggle


WaPo Opposes Syria’s Liberating Struggle

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Virtually all media scoundrels are on the wrong side of (US orchestrated and launched) endless war in Syria, falsely called “civil.”

The Obama regime began it all in March 2011, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial proxies – supported by US-led terror-bombing.

The Trump regime continues what his predecessor began, war in its eighth year, continuing because Washington and its imperial partners oppose resolving it diplomatically – their goal regime change, wanting an Israeli rival eliminated.

Significant government liberating efforts aren’t good enough as long as US forces illegally occupy northeast and southwest parts of the country, and intend staying on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS Washington created and supports.

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors slammed the upcoming Syrian offensive to liberate Idlib province – the last major US-supported terrorist stronghold in the country, infested with tens of thousands of cutthroat killer jihadists.

WaPo called the liberating campaign to begin in days “another turn for the worse” in Syria, a disgraceful Big Lie, opposing efforts to free the country from the scourge of US-supported terrorists.

It lied claiming “Iran (intends) to entrench itself in the country.” At the behest of Damascus, Tehran sent military advisors to aid its liberating struggle, not combat troops.

The Big Lie persists anyway. Media scoundrels along with the Trump and Netanyahu regimes repeat it endlessly.

Days earlier, the State Department named Jim Jeffrey Pompeo’s “representative for Syria engagement (in charge of) all aspects of” US naked aggression, falsely called “civil conflict.” 

Joel Rayburn was named assistant secretary of state for Levant affairs and special envoy for Syria.

WaPo lied calling the moves Pompeo’s initiative to “reviv(e)” conflict revolution efforts the Trump regime abhors and rejects, bent on continuing endless war for regime change.

WaPo lied claiming Russia is the main obstacle to conflict resolution in Syria. It’s the leading force for resolving years of (US-instigated naked aggression) diplomatically – a exercise in futility as long as Washington and its imperial partners want endless war, not peace.

WaPo saying Saudi Arabia and other anti-Syria Arab countries intend spending “$300 million…for stabilizing (Syria and) the region is polar opposite what’s going on.

The Saudis, UAE, and partnered Arab regimes support ISIS and other terrorists, operating as imperial foot soldiers against sovereign Syria.

WaPo: Trump “hasn’t…formulate(d) a clear strategy to defend American interests – thanks to (his) poor judgment…”

So-called US interests are all about forcefully transforming sovereign independent countries into US vassal states – an unlawful aggressive agenda, the highest of high crimes, WaPo and other media scoundrels disgracefully support.

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