Wall Street Journal Rage Against Venezuelan Social Democracy


WSJ Rage Against Venezuelan Social Democracy

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The Journal’s lead Latin America propagandist Mary O’Grady once called Hugo Chavez a threat to world peace, a jaw-dropping example of her vitriolic hate-mongering and serial lying — evident in all her disinformation pieces.

It doesn’t get any worse than the rubbish she produces. Expressing similar hostility toward Maduro, her extremist pseudo-journalism is enough to give imperial propaganda a bad name.

She never met a hemispheric tinpot despot she didn’t wholeheartedly embrace – or a bonafide democrat she didn’t revile, assaulting them with pejoratives.

Following last Tuesday’s fiasco coup failure in Venezuela, she unleashed her venom full-force, bellowing:

“…Guaido took a big gamble last Tuesday (sic) when he stood outside La Carlota air base in Caracas at dawn and called on the military to drop its allegiance to dictator Nicolas Maduro (sic).”

The plot was an exercise in failure before launched, put down in hours. Most soldiers involved  surrendered straightaway to authorities, saying they were duped, wanting no part of the anti-Bolivarian scheme.

O’Grady had to admit the “plan fizzled.” Except for the replaced intelligence chief, there were no “notable defections among the secret police, the army and the National Guard,” as she falsely claimed.

A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed.

O’what’s her name: “It is more apparent than ever (sic) that (Maduro’s) position depends on Cuban intelligence and enforcers (sic)—backed up by…Russia (sic)…(Maduro) rules a starving nation (sic), is broadly hated (sic) and can’t trust even his inner circle (sic).”

All of the above is typical O’Grady rubbish, consistently turning truth on its head, her material failing the smell test in each column. No responsible editors would touch what Journal editors feature to their shame.

O’Grady: “…Cuba’s finely tuned intelligence apparatus is a barrier to (opposition elements’) communicating to organize a plot (sic). Havana also handily infiltrates opposition groups (sic), making it a challenge to keep any surprise operation under wraps (sic).”

It bears repeating what I explained before. Cuba’s leading exports are doctors, other medical professionals, teachers, and good will.

It’s polar opposite how the US operates, waging endless wars and other hostile actions on humanity — mass slaughter and destruction causing human misery the defining features of its imperial agenda.

O’Grady: “…Venezuelans…take risks because life in the shattered state is increasingly intolerable (sic). Now even members of the high command are ready to move (sic).”

Despite enormous hardships caused by Trump regime war by other means, Venezuela’s military, government officials, and most ordinary people support Bolivarian social democracy, wanting it preserved and protected.

In his book titled “Bad News from Venezuela: Twenty years of fake news and misreporting,” Alan MacLeod “highlight(ed) the factors contributing to reportage (on the country) and why those factors exist in the first place,” adding: 

“From this examination of a single Latin American country, the book furthers the discussion of contemporary media in the West, and how, with the rise of ‘fake news,’ their operations have a significant impact on the wider representation of global affairs.”

Separately, MacLeod said he “found even when reporting on coups the US was undertaking, the media still presented it as a force for democracy” — based on interviews he conducted with major media reporters.

They act as directed by editors and management, reporting the official narrative exclusively, suppressing hard truths, acting as press agents for the imperial state and monied interests profiting from its agenda.

Like other media propagandists, O’Grady reported phony reasons why last Tuesday’s pseudo-coup attempt failed, saying:

It was because it was initiated “a day early (sic)…agreed on…collaborators were caught off guard (sic)…(Things) didn’t go according to script (sic),” or perhaps “Guaido was set up (sic).”

The plot with no chance to succeed before initiated was all about prelude to what Trump regime hardliners plan next,-.

They no doubt intend escalated violence and chaos, most likely by proxy war with paramilitary thugs, perhaps an embargo to be imposed on the country, an act of war if they goes this far.

O’Grady turned truth on its head, claiming “Guaido envisions democracy.” He was chosen as Trump regime front man on the ground in Venezuela as part of the plot to destroy it.

She sounded buffoon-like saying Venezuela is “occup(ied) by Cuba, Russia and Iran.”

She’s part of the anti-Bolivarian major media hate-mongering chorus, paid to lie and deceive, winning awards for propaganda, serving imperial state interests. Truth-telling would get her sacked.

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