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Global Intel Hub -- Markets define society, but markets and the economy represent the first layer only; we live in a multi dimensional world.  In order to understand markets, politics, and society more deeply, we need to understand the powerful forces that drive it.  Many have realized in the past years, and others have admitted what they always knew to be true, the world is run by an Elite that is dominated by sociopaths, members of various secret societies, and the Occult.  What attracts the rich and powerful to Occult forces, or are they bred to be that way?  Or, is there a connection between Europe's royal Bloodlines and the Global Elite in general?  How do they recruit new members?  Since they are mostly not family guys, how do they grow new generations?  These are all important questions, and no doubt many more, that any citizen, trader, parent, or intellectual may ask themselves.

This lurid topic doesn't get enough attention, and the criminals behind it are betting on our laziness, our apathy, and unwillingness to discuss.  It's offensive, it's gross, so no one wants to touch it.  Also, it's controversial - speak up about it and get targeted yourself, (or worse.. )..

About 460,000 kids go missing in the United States each year. [1] In 99% of cases, no bodies are found, there are no leads, there are no traces of them - they are just gone.  Where do they go?  Where are all the bodies?  Why don't some of them return with stories of their whereabouts?  These are dangerous questions.

Witness Tony Rodrigues says he was kidnapped against his will and sold into slavery.  According to Tony and other witnesses, there are people whose job it is just to kidnap kids.  During the 1980s when the Montauk project was active, Stuart Swerdlow says up to 300,000 people were taken from the New York area (in that case, it was people of any age, to be used in experiments).  For a full interview with Tony Rodriguez listen on Exopolitics Today [2]:

Tony was kidnapped against his will, but is this the only way that they get fresh meat?  According to witnesses, they also lure children and teens into 'programs' which involve attractive bait for little ones, such as this Satanic cult discovered by the FBI [3] :

According to the agency, the group is "deliberately targeting minor victims on publicly available messaging platforms to extort them into recording or livestreaming acts of self-harm and producing child sexual abuse material." Using manipulative tactics, the gang operated on several platforms, including Roblox, Discord, Twitch and SoundCloud - but the group's main platform has been Telegram.  764 uses "threats, blackmail and manipulation" to convince underage victims to record videos showing acts of self-harm, animal cruelty, sexual acts and even suicide. The footage is then circulated among members, who then further exert control over the victims

Roblox is a popular video game platform for kids as young as 5.  However they are luring them in, it works (with some victims).  Part of the process, is 'grooming' or 'normalizing' strange acts that would otherwise seem inappropriate to a child.  See this first grade phonics book from an anonymous private school in Tennessee:

Title: Kim and Kit are Kin by Cheryl Ryan

Interestingly, the original version, does not use the word 'kidnap' and does not have the animals kissing on the lips.  Is this a coincidence?  See the original here : kitandkimarekin_clr

Here are some basic observations of this text:

Bestiality, genetic experiments, hybridization of human and non-human DNA.

(Scan cut off) – Kim has a tan kid.
Kit is a Goat. The Goat is Kim’s “Brother” – Not only is the Goat a Satanic symbol, a Goat cannot be a brother to a human, unless we delve into experiments done by the Nazis, and experiments being conducted in Antarctica in secret. It’s impossible to have a Goat- brother.

Human child does not want a child, she wants a fat pig, an animal, as a child. This is not natural. In this context, we are equating humans with pigs. The pig is not a pet. The pig is the child. The goat is bound with a noose around it’s neck, like a slave. The child has an evil grin. This is not a sweet message of inspiration, it’s a Satanic ritual. The pig is happy.

Kidnapping is illegal, and is the basis of modern slavery. There are more slaves today than during “Slavery” (i.e. 19th century) 300k – 3m children are kidnapped each year and sold to slavery. Some of them are sex slaves, or organ donors, or work in lithium mines, or other factories, or are chopped up and used for other purposes.
This is bestiality. Kim is in love with the pig. Hearts are flying. She is kissing the pig (instead of a human). She kisses the pig on the lips. This is meant to degrade human beings to the level of pigs. Many believe pigs are filthy animals, because they play and roll in their own feces. The author of this content cannot NOT be aware of this. The pig is not a puppy, it’s not a flower, it’s not a sunrise. Why “on the lips”

Scientific American says a kiss on the lips relays powerful messages to your partners brain [4] :

A kiss triggers a cascade of neural messages and chemicals that transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement, feelings of closeness, motivation and even euphoria.
Kisses can convey important information about the status and future of a relationship. At the extreme, a bad first kiss can abruptly curtail a couple’s future.
Kissing may have evolved from primate mothers’ practice of chewing food for their young and then feeding them mouth-to-mouth. Some scientists theorize that kissing is crucial to the evolutionary process of mate selection.When passion takes a grip, a kiss locks two humans together in an exchange of scents, tastes, textures, secrets and emotions. We kiss furtively, lasciviously, gently, shyly, hungrily and exuberantly. We kiss in broad daylight and in the dead of night. We give ceremonial kisses, affectionate kisses, Hollywood air kisses, kisses of death and, at least in fairytales, pecks that revive princesses.

A kiss is the basis of genetic DNA bonding, the basis of human romantic relationships. It is inappropriate to display a human kissing a pig to a child with a semi-formed brain, because they may be confused in future life, although this process is subtle, it does affect their subconscious in ways far deeper than an adult.
Not only that, but the pig is the kidnapped sex slave of the master, which is an unhealthy relationship. The pig is the victim and the antagonist in the story is the ‘master’ but is also committing multiple felonies, kidnapping and bestiality. Is this content in schools the reason we have problems in society?

See this case: [5] 

So who owns and operates this company, that produces this content?  The answer is Cambium Learning Group, and the CEO is Ashley Andersen Zantop, one of Ed-Tech's most influential voices.  From their website:

Ashley joined Cambium in 2020 as COO, overseeing the Lexia and Cambium Assessment business units, operational enablement teams, ESG and M&A. Before that, Ashley served in C-suite executive leadership roles at GreaterGood, Capstone, and Trudy Corporation (later Palm Publishing). She serves on the SIIA’s government affairs council and has served on the board of directors and executive committee for the SIIA's education division and co-chaired the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. 

So to summarize that for you, Ashley's expertise is Mergers & Acquisitions, and "Diversity" [Satanists deserve a role at the table, too.]  She's an investment banker, not an educator.   So who are the owners?  Cambium is owned by Veritas Capital, run by "The most Top-Secret Billionaire on Wall St. Ramzi Musallam."  We don't know too much about Ramzi, because his activities are, well, 'top-secret' - however, a Forbes article described his haunted and dark rise to power, finding his dead boss in a 'suicide' - [6]

Musallam had come onboard in 1997 and was Veritas’ second-highest-ranking executive. The morning after the suicide, Musallam began holding emergency meetings with the company’s investors. McKeon’s death meant they suddenly had the right to tear up their commitments to fund Veritas’ deals. Instead, Musallam persuaded them to bet on him. He also cut a deal with McKeon’s family that would transfer ownership of McKeon’s majority stake in Veritas, mostly to Musallam. Years later, the hasty deal would produce bad blood—and a lawsuit—between Musallam and McKeon’s family. He rarely speaks to the press. He is one of a handful of financiers with top government security clearance.  “There are people in the private equity world who have a lot of visibility. That is not Ramzi. He is understated but extremely effective,” says David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs. “He has quietly built an extremely valuable business being at the intersection of government-regulated markets and technology, which is rare for private equity.”

To summarize that, it seems that he's a CIA asset, as the CIA is the tie between Wall St. and DC.  InQTel is the explicit VC arm of the CIA, but they are active in Private Equity in general, working with firms like Carlyle, Blackrock, and many others.  Deals usually involve defense technology, surveillance, communications, nanotechnology, or something to be deemed of national security value.  His interests are healthcare (biometrics, specifically), education, and national security. [7]

Why does the CEO of a Private Equity firm 'not like the press' and have security clearance?  There's one obvious answer, but if that's not the answer, then what is?  Because he needs it to roll out the healthcare mandate?  He certainly does have an interesting investment portfolio: [8]

Musallam played a major role in Peraton’s acquisition of Solers in July 2019.  Founded in 1998, Solers offers IT services in areas including data and cyber engineering services, cloud satellite ground networks, systems integration and engineering support for the intelligence community and the defense markets. 

With a 9 Bn. net worth according to Forbes, that's not bad for a Christian Palestinian Jordanian born in Jerusalem (Israel), who came to USA with meager means.

One thing is clear, the content of what kids read affects them on a subconscious level, it stays with them.  Years later, when they are confronted with real 'kidnapping' or some inappropriate requests on Roblox, they may be 'programmed' to accept.  After all, they do call TV content "Programming" and not "Content" or "Shows" -

Clearly, Ramzi Musallam is not George Soros - but the interesting pattern of connections to the intelligence community, and the influence on education, with the use of powerful NGOs is eerily similar.  They aren't the only ones, of course.  The point here is how does this glaringly and obviously Satanic content get into 6 year old books?  You can bet if the content was being written by a company owned by a local Lutheran church, it would look different.  But that wouldn't be diverse, would it?

Invest in the alternative - invest in Gab - a real FREE SPEECH platform.  Invest in your kids future.  Control your content.


[2] Interview with Tony Rodrigues







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