It’s Time For The BRICS To Act To Counter US Destabilization Efforts


Submitted by Ben Tanosborn of,

It had to happen!  The blame game on that horrendous airline incident, Malaysian Flight MH17, has reached the expected loud monotone of pointing fault, lock, stock and barrel at Russia… and, more specifically, to that villain ex-KGB Slav, Vladimir Putin.

US media barrage of grotesque and obscene propaganda against America’s former foe and competitor, whether filtering down from the top or randomly finding placement in the emotions of a brainwashed citizenry, has found a leader of this warring marching band in Barack Obama.  The neocon ruling forces in the US State Department together with the bellicosarians running the Pentagon have found a perfect mouthpiece in the president of the US, an unlikely candidate just a few years ago, to do their bidding in Leo Strauss’ messianic vision to rule the World.

America’s few leadership voices of dissent and reasonableness against such ill-conceived propaganda, those of Libertarian Ron Paul and Professor Stephen Cohen (NY University) uniquely standing out, are drowned in a sea of US-poisoned waters where an armada of sanctions is unjustly landing on a nation, Russia, which dares stand for a right to secure its own historic geopolitical status… doing so without expressed or implied ambitions to extend its power and influence over others in the world… as the US does.

If blame is to be directed at any nation for the downing of this aircraft, the investigation needs to be pointed at what has transpired during this past year in Ukraine.  It was not Russia, or separatists in Eastern Ukraine, that created Ukraine’s political chaos.  It was the United States using its money and influence over a subservient European Union that brought down the democratically elected government in Kiev and stirred the ultimate separatist unrest.  So, if anyone is deserving of the ultimate, root-cause blame for this sordid loss of life, it should be the United States Machiavellian players now running Washington.  However, we might honor the memory of these innocent victims of flight MH17 by reaching a modus operandi consensus so that incidents such as this do not occur again.

But how is the world to counter the power of any nation, or block of nations, running amok to establish some form of supremacy over the rest?

We are just a year short of seven decades having a world body as a go-to place where the world problems can be voiced, discussed and hopefully resolved.  But as its ill-fated predecessor, the League of Nations, the United Nations was the creation of victorious nations after a world war… and those major victorious nations, singly or in commonality of interests with allies and partners, always appear to maintain their veto-of-interest over what might be right or fair, regardless of voted-on resolutions, or findings.

Although in some areas the UN has provided mankind a measure of solace and benefit, in key areas of peace, human rights and universal justice, it has not netted the minimum passing grade, thus indicating to the world that its charter needs to either be revised (rewritten); or that the world at large must direct their hopes and expectations in other directions where arbitration and eventual resolution of problems rule the day.

When one sees in the news UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon standing side by side with US Secretary of State John Kerry, in an alliance unlikely to stop Netanyahu’s blood-letting in Gaza, we correctly assume it to be what it really is: another diplomatic ploy.  Ultimately placing the blame on Hamas for not agreeing to the peace-plan-du-jour offered by Egypt, and consented to by the Arab League, will not resolve the endless conflict in which Palestine has been mired since the creation of modern Israel in 1947.  All players involved in finding a solution for a peaceful Palestine have failed repeatedly, possibly – some would say precisely – because of the US prejudicial involvement in the entire affair, and the definitive Zionist control over American foreign policy.

If the UN is incapable to change or influence the hegemonic geopolitical behavior of the United States... where else can the world look to find resolution to conflicts such as we have in Gaza and Ukraine today?

Enter the BRICS group of nations; escorted by other smaller nations that prefer dignified independence to protection from a bully they mistrust.  Can this group bring a friendlier, more humane atmosphere where peace and international brotherhood prevail?  It’s certainly worth a try: a way for 80 percent of the world’s population to find their rightful place; and for the presently ruling 20 percent to become more humanized.

Will the BRICS nations take up the challenge?

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