The TRUTH about RUSSIA the Elite doesn’t want you to know


by globalintelhub, 2016

Just like the good ol’ days, Russia is now a useful ‘enemy’ being used to justify whatever needed from Washington, whether it be more money for NATO expansion, more spying powers on the domestic population, or more reason to justify the USA’s generally jingoistic, xenophobic attitude about foreign policy.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – the USA has created a wall of stupidity surrounding the USA via sophistocated propoganda techniques developed over a period of 60 years utilizing advanced technology, combined with bio-chemical layer through aerosol sprays, chemicals in the food, and nervous system manipulation through 1/2 Hz coming from your Television (See US Patent 6506148 here).

The event that changed the global power structure was World War 2.  History, whether business, technical, political, or social – should be looked at through 3 prisms; before, during, and after the war.  Before & during the war, Washington had a clear agenda – engage the US population & American business in the new hot industry: war.  Hitler provided them with an easy villian and a brand; Nazi.  It was the Evil Empire, something out of a b-novel.  It gave America an easy way to paint the world in a black and white brush for the domestic US population that wasn’t aware of how the world really works (pratically speaking, Europeans need to be more clued in and speak 2 or 3 languages due to Europe’s density and wide diversity of cultures).

Here’s a list of FACTS that the Elite doesn’t want you to know.  Everything you know about Russia – is wrong.

  • Russia is 25 years old.
  • Russia, and the Soviet Union, are 2 completely different countries.  They are like comparing the British colonies and the United States of America.  It’s a different system, different rules, different territory, different everything.
  • The United States developed a long term strategy to destroy the Soviet Union – in order to create Russia today (an open, market based economy).  In other words, Russia today is what Washington had planned for during a 40-50 year period after World War 2, spent billions of dollars, built countless missile silos and other hardware.
  • Russia has one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world See here
  • Russia is currently the #3 country ranked in terms of total immigrants in the world, closely behind Germany and the United States.  See here
  • Unlike most of European powers, Russia was not a very ambitious or successful colonial power.  The extent of Russia’s colonialism was Alaska, but this was really just the business idea of some fur-trappers; it wasn’t supported by Moscow very much.  With a few rare exeptions, Russia never ‘invaded’ another country.  Mostly Russia has defended itself from invaders, at least historically speaking.  Even today, Russia’s foreign policy surrounds a ‘defense’ doctrine, not an ‘invasion’ doctrine.  Being attacked nearly every 20 or 30 years throughout history, the Kremlin has reason for such a policy.  Why did every Empire throughout history want to invade Russia?  Because of the nice weather?  No, because of the vast untapped resources.  For a more academic answer, checkout Brzezinski’s “Grand Chess Board” – certainly Sun Tzu would agree, controlling Russia and North America is necessary for real global domination, for a number of geostrategic, logistic, and economic reasons.
  • Russia is an Emerging Market (EM) – Why is it emerging?  Because it’s just starting to build economic systems.  In Russia there’s no class action litigation industry.  There’s no FTC.  There’s no bankruptcy rules.  But all that’s changing.  Change takes time – it will likely be a generation or several generations.
  • The Forex software that runs the algorithmic Forex world, Meta Trader, is from Russia.  Although primarily used outside of Russia, it’s built native in Russian language, from Khazan (although headquartered in Cyprus).
  • Russia has massive untapped resources unlike any other country in the world, most notably but not only oil.  Russia includes 11 time zones and is one of Planet Earth’s most rich and undeveloped land masses, which includes mountains, forests, deserts, tundra, and ice oceans.
  • No one is starving in Russia.  In fact, due to the trade war between Russia, the EU, and the United States, they’re even burning and destroying food if it is found to come from blocked countries.

The list can go on and on.  Do your own research – unplug your TV and see what the world looks like.  Open a Forex Account.

See attached photo from a hard currency Foreign Exchange bureau in Moscow (they’re on every street corner).

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