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The complexity of WW3 and global realities


Global Intel Hub – Charlotte, NC – 1/21/2022 As with most complex geopolitical situations, the news pipeline here is totally manipulated about Russia.  First let's address the NATO issue.  After The Cold War came to an end there was a handshake agreement negotiated by Reagan that basically NATO would not expand and threaten Russia.  However, the opposite has happened. [1]  Russia is too great of a prize to give up.  many leading world powers ranging from the Jesuits to the Rothschilds via their agent Soros have tried to seize Russia for their own, and failed. [2]  World powers from Hitler to Napoleon and others have envied Russia’s vast resources, real estate, minerals, energy, and lack of regulations.  Or in other words, Russia is a great place to have a sweat shop because there are no labor laws.  It's a great place to be an oligarch, a land of men and not laws.  If you look at statistics of court rulings there is a correlation between wealth and power and having the charges thrown out.  So what is really going on here?

Let's understand first a little bit also about Biden the Bully.  Biden is a Jesuit that swore a blood oath to destroy Russia.  It's the biggest challenge and the biggest prize of the Jesuit Catholic power complex.  The blood feud goes back to the division of the fallen Roman Empire and the church splitting between East and West, orthodox in the East and the loyal Catholics in the West.  Biden is literally threatening Russia in order to get them to throw the first punch, like a bully antagonizing a victim by poking them in the belly with a stick.  At some point, if the poking continues, you are going to get smacked by the bear.

Despite what you will read in the mainstream news, Russia wants nothing to do with Ukraine.  What Russia wants is simply to defend itself, to be left alone, and to maintain their sovereignty and cultural integrity.  They do not accept loans from the West, nor do they accept WOKE culture.  Russia is sort of a conservative activist nation.  In Russia there is no such thing as the third gender, 57 genders.  Their military practice is fighting, not LGBT parades.

Let us discuss Earth Changes for a moment.  If you believe all this weather is part of a normal cycle you need to have your head examined.  Every week we are seeing a once in 100 year storm, volcanoes erupting, tsunami's, dangerous winter storms, earthquakes, fires, droughts, etc.  In 2021 a total damage in the United States because of freak weather was a record $145 billion. [3] In a scenario where the sea rises rapidly, most of Europe would be flooded, including eastern Russia.  But western Russia will have some of the best real estate in the world.  Not only is it high and dry, it's largely unpopulated, and that includes toxic factories, nuclear power plants, or other industrial pollutants that come with modern society.  Fertile soil, protected by mountains from raging waters, and far from populated areas.  Just take a look at this image if the sea rises by 675 feet what Europe and Russia would look like:


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You are probably thinking a couple of things.  For one, you notice that there are mountains in Europe.  That's true, but they will be very crowded.  Also, those mountains are heavily populated with factories, with people, and the Swiss may not like flatlanders staying as guests.  Don't forget that the elite who run the world mostly do so from Switzerland even if London is the main headquarters.  Your other thought is that China has good land too.  It is just one more factor bringing Russia and China together naturally. Isn't it interesting that Russia and China have been building huge infrastructure projects in this area?  [4] All of China's ghost cities are in the interior in the mountains away from the coastline above 1000 feet elevation. [5]

There's one last piece of information that should be shared.  The hubris in the West is so overwhelming it is difficult to describe to westerners what Russia and China have been developing in the past 30 years for their militaries.  They have focused largely on defensive weapons, and countermeasures to disable expensive US made hardware.  Think of the old engineering anecdote, NASA spent ten years and $10 million to make a pen that can write in the antigravity environment, and the Russians used a pencil.  Russia has complex directed energy weapons, EMP guns and bombs that could disable all computers in the blast range without hurting a fly.  This technology can disable missiles, it can disable radar, disrupt communications, but is totally non-lethal to humans animals and plants.  Here is one account: [6]

A former air force chief claimed today how he saw a UFO firing four beams of light at a nuclear missile undergoing testing.  Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs alleged a craft, resembling a flying saucer, circled the dummy warhead during a test flight in California, during 1964.  But despite his claims of what he saw, the former serviceman was ordered never to breathe a word of what he saw, a bombshell press conference heard.  Along with other former American air force chiefs Dr. Jacobs was giving evidence about how aliens tampered with weapons systems during tests, at nuclear bases and even shut the missiles down. Giving his testimony at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he said: “I was part of a US Airforce cover-up. It was shaped like a flying saucer and was firing a beam of light at our warhead.”

Aliens – or Russians?  According to UFO logist Dr. Michael Salla (you may have seen him on the hit TV show “Ancient Aliens”) – he says it was the Russians. [6]  He claims that an advanced group of Extra Terrestrials gave technology to the Russians that would balance the world’s military powers by enabling them to disable Nuclear Warheads.  What we can say for a fact is that there have been hundreds of credible reports [7] of UFOs disabling both live and dummy Nuclear tipped missiles.  Apparently, Aliens who are interacting with Planet Earth are terrified of Nuclear arsenals and all the destruction they bring.  Perhaps they know about some other worlds that were obliterated in a Nuclear War.

One last comment, how do you think the US would react, if Russia decided to station 50,000 troops and Nuclear missiles in Cuba, Tijuana, and the Canadian side of Detroit?

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[6] Salla, Michael – Rise of the Red Dragon, Secret Space Programs


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