Think Different: Alternative thinking about investments

There is an expression on Wall St. that sheep get slaughtered.  But in the past 10 years since the credit crisis, sheep have done pretty well as Quantitative Easing has pushed most markets through the roof.  But let’s be clear about one thing, our underlying hypothesis which I’m sure most here will agree with: Inflation […]

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Barclay Hedge adds Cryptocurrency Traders Index category

The alternative investment industry is mostly comprised of a few big CTAs that offer strategies that aren’t really so different than your average mutual fund.  Barclay Hedge has been a staple of the alt investment industry which resonates loudly with emerging managers and basically anything that isn’t ‘mainstream.’  Crypto also has been mostly an alternative […]


Alpha Z Advisors offers an alternative to options investing

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — Dover, DE 8/8/2017 — Global Intel Hub exclusive interview — Elite E Services sat down with Mike Connor, Principal and Senior AP of Alpha Z Advisors, LLC – a trading advisor offering alternative investments based on strategies incorporating research on price anomalies, behavioral biases and institutional practices. In November of last year, Alpha Z Advisors […]