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Used by the CIA, diplomats, and business professionals to read volumes of info quickly, the Vortex XStream is a simple desktop based application that will flash words on your screen based on a text file, enabling you to read significantly faster and absorb more info than traditional reading.

Think different!  How we assimilate information is changing, the computer replaced the book, to a large extent.  How we deliver information to our brains is also changing.  This method, while developed more than a decade ago, is highly effective, and rarely used.

Download the software here - For GIH Members only - do not share.

Unzip and use - there is no installer.  Works in most Windows environments.

From the developer's website:

Machine Assisted Reading has come to a computer near you.

This software allows humans to read from their computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute.

This is accomplished by allowing the separation of the work involved in reading.

You set the legibility factors (Font, Size, Color, and Speed of Delivery), sit back, and then the computer does the display, you do the absorption.

* Word display at up to 2000 words per minute 
* Word display in sizes to the limit of the display 
* Word display in any color combination available on your display. 
* Word display in any typeface font available on your computer. 
* Extract words from all your other software for reading in Vortex xStream with 'soft eyes'.

Vortex xStream can be used for:

  • Reading text from browsers. 
  • Reading text from email programs. 
  • Reading text from word processing programs. 
  • As a form of tele-prompter. 
  • As a form of text interpreter for the hearing/vision impaired. 
  • As a form of teaching aid for either groups or individually. 
  • As a form of reading enhancement tool for those with *some reading impairments.

The Vortex xStream software presents one word at a time in the manner best suited to your reading. Your eyes will do less work, and more words will get to the mind.

Vortex xStream is a version of our patented (US Pat. 5,873,109) Machine Assisted Reading Software technology. This version is entirely focused on delivery of speed.

If you need to read vast quantities of text from computers, this software may be for you.

If you have visual impairments, this software *may be for you. Bear in mind that if you cannot operate software within Windows, you will not be able to operate this software without assistance.

(This product runs on Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98)

Vortex xStream has been used in : Government ... Teaching ... Spies (CIA) ... Business ...Schools ... Medicine ... legal reading ... script reading ... debugging computer code

Checkout the developer's blog, Half Past Human.

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