SpaceX tender priced at 85 to 87 share or 161 Bn valuation, say sources

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Global Intel Hub Knoxville, TN -- 12/1/2023 -- As many investors have been watching the news for any announcements regarding new investment rounds for SpaceX, an NY Post article spooked the market, although the company hasn't confirmed or denied the price or other information in the article as yet.  Global Intel Hub did some investigation and confirmed with solid sources that SpaceX intends to do a tender offering for employees, primary financing round, OR BOTH before the end of the year, or at the latest, in January, in the price range of 85 -87 /share.

SpaceX does not confirm or deny price information until it's official, as per their policy, so the market speculates.  Compared to many private companies, SpaceX is a leader in how they manage their cap table and financing rounds.  Being in the business they are in, there's no surprise that their information policy reflects the scope of their overall business.  Many customer of the company include the Department of Defense and it's subsidiaries, including but not limited to NASA, the NSA, The Army, and of course Space Force.  These relationships are under strict military NDAs and are considered "Classified" which is why Elon Musk was required to get security clearance.  Space Force and NASA were both seed investors in the company [Crunchbase] via a Grant.  It's not public if the DOD provides technology to SpaceX, but the DOD does have a history of technology sharing since World War 2 under their "Dual Use" policy implemented during the Marshall Plan.  The idea is that by giving technology back to the private sector via "Research Parks" like SRI, PARC, and others - it justifies that the US spends 800 Bn/year on the DOD even though there isn't really any clear enemy or threat to the US since Hitler.  This relationship based on payments ensures complicity in the US Military Industrial Complex [Eisenhower] because everyone who's getting paid will ensure that the model continues (or that's the idea, anyway).

But something interesting is happening, and that's Disclosure, and a lot of these SSPs (Secret Space Programs) are being discussed in the public view.  In a book published by Messenger and Archaeologist Elena Danaan [1] titled "Seeders" SpaceX is referenced as an Earth organization involved in off-planet contracts:

This is as far as anyone can verify witness testimony, nothing more.  However, Elena Danaan is considered to be a highly credible if not the most credible witness in the UFO community.  But the only way to verify if this is real or not, would be to interview the source, which is not possible at present.  But according to the book, one day it will be!  Anyway, it is interesting to observe Elon's language in his recent spat with Disney CEO Bob Iger:

Sorkin replies "those advertisers will say, 'we didnt' kill the company' to which Musk cuts him off:

"Oh yeah, tell that to earth.. and let's see how earth responds to that."

Also, Elon's bravado in standing up to the "Woke State" (Is that a better word than "Deep State" ?) does indicate that he has a strong foundation and does not depend on the advertisers.  I mean we aren't saying Elon isn't naturally a bad ass, he is, but this is another piece of circumstantial evidence that SpaceX is running large scale operations unknown to the public at large.  In fact, SpaceX could even be a smoke screen for introducing reverse engineered technology, which would be a very smart way to bring it out to the public.  Elon has always said we're going to Mars, that's his mission - what if there were people already on Mars?  It would psychologically fit into the profile down the road as if we've always been there.

Again, no way to verify any of this it's just speculation, but with or without this top secret business, SpaceX is an amazing company no matter how you look at it.

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[1]  from the book "Seeders" order it here.





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