San Francisco’s Poop-Patrol Boss Made $380K, Didn’t Do Crap, And Has Been Charged With Corruption

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 Authored by Adam Andrzejewski via RealClearPolicy (emphasis ours)

In 2019, we highlighted a tripling in reported human waste in the public way. Citizens filed 10,644 complaints in 2014 and the number of complaints escalated to 30,996 cases by 2019.

Our auditors mapped 118,352 case reports of human waste on city streets – from 2011 to 2019.

Certainly, the poop was deep in San Francisco, but then things really hit the fan.

And the FBI stepped in.

Mohammed Nuru, the public works director and self-titled @MrCleanSF, was in charge of keeping city streets clean and oversaw a $500 million budget. He was indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2020

Nuru was charged with one count of alleged public corruption and is innocent until proven guilty. “The complaint describes a web of corruption involving bribery, kickbacks, and side deals by one of San Francisco’s highest-ranking city employees,” said U.S. Attorney David L. Anderson. “The public is entitled to honest work from public officials, free from manipulation for the official’s own personal benefit and profit.”

Nuru was well paid in his futile attempt to keep San Francisco streets clean. His total taxpayer-funded cash compensation in 2019 was $380,120, and his base salary had jumped by $65,000 over eight years. Our auditors at compiled Nuru’s pay based on Freedom of Information Act requests filed with the City of San Francisco.

Currently, the federal investigation that snared Nuru has charged nine people with one already sentenced.

It seems the streets might not be the only thing dirty in the Bay Area.

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