Requiem for Last Tuesday’s Coup Plot in Venezuela


Requiem for Last Tuesday’s Coup Plot in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Media-led excuse-making postmortems continue about a failed US-orchestrated tempest in a teapot scheme with no chance to succeed before initiating.

It’s what Trump regime hardliners likely intended, wanting events of last Tuesday to be prelude to what they have in mind next, discussed in a same-day article.

US major media long ago abandoned journalism the way it should be, providing press agent services for wealth, power, and privileged interests exclusively — including support for endless US wars of aggression and other hostile actions against nations targeted for regime change.

The NYT discussed what may be coming after last Tuesday’s fiasco, calling democrat Maduro a “dictator,” a Big Lie along with other pejoratives repeated time and again for emphasis.

The Times lied saying “thousands of Venezuelans poured into the streets to support the uprising…” 

Disruptive supporters last Tuesday resembled hostile elements remaining outside the Bolivarian Republic’s DC embassy — rent-a-gang thugs, enlisted by the White House secret service, hostile anti-government elements in Venezuela recruited by the CIA.

The Times saying “Guaido(’s) announced…series of labor strikes intended to keep the opposition’s momentum” going (sic), failed to explain that Venezuelan labor leaders and rank and file workers ignored him.

Nor did the self-styled newspaper of record explain that his support is waning. Ordinary Venezuelans revile him, his base in upscale neighborhoods weakening because of consistent failures.

So-called “transition” the Times has been promoting for weeks never got out of the starting date. It turns truth on its head time and again, falsely claiming the Trump regime “sides with democratic forces in Venezuela” — its coup plot going all-out to crush what exists.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post pretended that Tuesday’s coup plot was designed to succeed, calling its initiation “intoxicating.”

WaPo turned truth on its head, claiming opposition elements “saw a historic goal within reach…certain (Maduro) was about to step down,” adding “intrigue and betrayal” foiled the plot — what was dead before arrival, the broadsheet failed to explain.

WaPo repeated the Bolton/Pompeo-promoted fake news scenario no evidence supports, just the opposite, saying (convicted felon now hiding in Spain’s Caracas embassy) Leopoldo Lopez “met in secret with top Maduro loyalists — including the defense minister…loyalists (agreeing to abandon Maduro in return for) retain(ing) their positions inside a new interim government headed by Guaido.”

The above rubbish was debunked by the individuals named. Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza called it “fake news” to try sowing dissension among senior Bolivarian officials.

WaPo continue the deception, repeating Bolton’s Big Lie about Maduro stepping down, adding “(t)he (so-called) plan was rushed into action…(H)ours after Guaido’s call for an uprising of the military, (his henchmen) realized something had gone terribly wrong.”

“This account provides previously undisclosed details of the plan to oust Maduro (sic) and is based on interviews with seven opposition officials with direct knowledge of the developments (sic). Most spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.”

The above scenario is pure fiction — concocted by Bolton et al, dutifully repeated by WaPo. No “promised declarations of support from Maduro’s inner circle” existed with one exception.

His intelligence chief Manuel Christopher Figuera arranged Leopoldo Lopez’s release from house arrest — fired and replaced by Gonzales Lopez for his betrayal. Reportedly he fled the country, likely cross-border to Colombia.

The Wall Street Journal reported the same fake news, falsely claiming “Venezuela’s opposition came close to ousting the president — but the (no-plan) plan fell apart.”

Falsely claiming senior government officials “lost confidence in the bid to remove Maduro” is part of the deception — lots more sure to come.

According to the Journal, the so-called deal “unraveled on Tuesday for reasons that couldn’t be determined…”

No serious Tuesday plan existed to unravel. Events of the day were all about setting the stage for what Trump regime hardliners intend next — another shoe to drop ahead, coming at any time, likely this week.

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