Madrid Usurps Control Over Catalonia


Madrid Usurps Control Over Catalonia

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

After Catalan MPs declared independence from Spain, Madrid imposed control over the region.

The action was illegal, breaching international law, affirming the right of self-determination for all people. Spain’s constitution can’t override a higher authority.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy is modern-day Francisco Franco, a tinpot despot supported by EU nations and Washington.

On Friday, he lawlessly and maliciously sacked Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, Vice President Oriol Junqueras, other regional ministers, and Mossos (police) chief Pere Soler, along with dissolving Catalonia’s parliament.

He announced snap regional elections for December 21, compounding his ruthlessness against Catalonia’s people, celebrating their independence, their struggle just beginning to keep it.

Rajoy ordered closure of all Catalan embassies in other countries. Saying “we never wanted to reach this situation,” he  disgracefully accused Catalan officials of “contempt” for democracy.

Spain is a fascist police state, repressing and exploiting its people, Rajoy indeed a modern-day Francisco Franco, ruthlessly targeting anyone challenging his corrupt rule.

Democracy in America, Spain and other Western countries is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Monied interests rule the West, the rights and welfare of ordinary people increasingly marginalized and harmed. 

Rajoy and complicit parliamentarians stripped off Spain’s phony democratic veneer by their virtual declaration of war against and likely militarized takeover of Catalonia.

Battle lines are drawn. Millions of Catalans demand their rights. Madrid intends denying them. 

Spain’s top prosecutor intends charging Catalan officials involved in declaring independence with sedition, possibly targeting regional parliament governing board members and other MPs as soon as next week.

Leading Catalan separatists called on civil servants to disobey orders by Madrid, urging them to respond with nonviolent resistance. 

Puigdemont urged supporters to “keep to our values of pacifism and dignity,” adding “(i)t’s in our, in your hands to build the republic.”

Rajoy will appoint a regime administrator (viceroy) to run Catalan affairs, its people certain to reject his or her suzerainty over their new republic.

Madrid’s decree will be published in Spain’s official bulletin, likely on Saturday. Once posted, Puigdemont, his government and parliament will be illegally stripped of their power - obliged to quit or be forcibly removed, attempting the latter most likely.

Millions of pro-independence Catalans aren’t likely to go quietly into the good night. Generations in the region yearned for separation from Spain.

Now it’s official. Libertat won’t be handed to them. It’s their responsibility to resist Madrid tyranny or face continued subjugation by its iron fist.

Eurasia political analyst Federico Santi sees “sustained unrest” ahead, “possibly including strikes, as well as more serious clashes between national police and pro-independence activists,” adding:

“Parts of the regional administration will probably refuse to comply with orders from Madrid. The main signpost over the weekend will be whether the regional government refuses to willingly and peacefully step down.”

Brinksmanship has a long way to go, extended state-sponsored violence and chaos likely ahead, the outcome in Catalonia far from certain.

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