Leaked: Cenntro Auto CENN disrupting the EV market with Hydrogen 8 Truck

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Global Intel Hub has obtained a sneak peek at an upcoming product launch that can change the EV market forever.  This EV Class 8 truck is where all others have failed, if Cenntro can succeed here it will be a huge win for the company and a bump for the stock price.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market has been one of the most contentious production markets in the world.  While many companies like Rivian have been making presentations and creating hype, Cenntro has been building EVs, more than 3,600 to date.  In fact, they are the only EV company out there that has a full suite of 6 models, and all have been certified class 1 to class 4 – and are in production (being delivered).  This is a huge advantage over their competitors, as many EVs have a long wait list.

EV company Nikola reached $34 Billion valuation based on the promise of building a Hydrogen truck:

Nikola’s stock skyrocketed on the back of excitement around green technology and electric vehicles. Hopeful individuals saw Milton’s big ambitions to revolutionize trucking with zero-emissions vehicles and thought they were getting in on the ground floor of the next Tesla. …  But things quickly unraveled as it came to light that Nikola exaggerated progress developing its technology.

Investors buying into CENN now are getting in before the world knows they are selling a Hydrogen Class 8 Truck, basically what others have failed to do (or just lied about doing it).  It’s no secret this is the most Elite EV class on the market, German auto parts maker Bosch is investing $200m in the technology – but it’s going to be live in 2026!

With its other vehicle models, Cenntro has the track record to perform, in this case build, ship, and sell.  This is the edge that Cenntro has, the plans and ability to roll out a Hydrogen Class 8 Truck.

Their vehicles have 20 Million miles travelled, which is the proof their supply chain and manufacturing process works.  They have strong sales teams in North America and Europe, and are engaging in ramping and growth – they have proven that the manufacturing capability is there.  The company has 238+ Patents Granted, 6+ Assembly plants, and is growing by leaps and bounds.

Their iChassis technology has iPhone-like functions that allow ‘apps’ to be installed, similar to how you would on a consumer phone, for different autonomous driving applications.

CENN stock is currently trading way below book value, and is close to break even on an operating basis – and looks like it will be profitable next year.

Our sources have sent us a sneak peek at the Hydrogen 8 Class Truck:

There is a rumor that Cenntro has been able to achieve technology that others in the business have failed to master, that of the Hydrogen Class 8 Truck (shown above).

But it's not only that, Cenntro is a leader in the design technology, based on their iChassis system.

The iChassis is a ‘technology platform’ in which you can plug n play your own designs, see this example:

COVID has only increased demand for EVs, making Cenntro poised to capitalize on the trend even more.  See the market statistics from Fortune Business Insights:

When many people think of the EV market, they think about climate change.  The Oil and Gas industry, they say, is polluting the environment.  That very well may be – but what they are not considering is sustainability.

The EV grid is growing at a rapid pace in the US.  An EV can be charged from your home using Solar panels, in an off-grid situation.  You can charge your EV with any form of electricity.

Imagine you have no gas deliveries for a long time, or there are fuel shortages.  This is not science fiction – it’s happening in the US and Europe.  Without gasoline, you can run your EV.  In other words, part of the value of the EV is not about ‘climate change’ but also ‘sustainability’ – it is possible to buy solar powered charging stations for your EV (this is optional) and you could be driving around while others are stuck.  People from Florida who have been through a Hurricane know what this is like.

The climate is becoming more unstable by the month, and this further drives the push toward the EV market.  In this environment, Cenntro is a leading emerging manufacturer.

What’s clear is that CENN is a great value play, with a strong fundamental ground floor.  Investors should do their own research, but don’t let the market cap fool you.  Nikola’s $34 B market cap gave investors a false sense of stability, their truck was exposed to be just rolling down the hill, in a debunked product video, executives from Nikola have admitted.

So having a huge market cap and brand name recognition, do not necessarily indicate a companies ability to execute.  The play here is to buy in to a solid company with next generation Hydrogen Class 8 Truck technology in the pipeline, ready to release to the market.

These are all the bull arguments, investors should do their own research and come to their own conclusions.  As of right now, the stock is trading at 1.03 - for the record.

9:00 am @ 11/2/2022

by: Crediblock.com Second Sight – Markets Analysis Service (paid service).  For more great markets analysis, including further more detailed articles on the topic of the EV market, follow us @ Global Intel Hub


Website https://www.cenntroauto.com/






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