LEAKED: CDC releases 148 Blank Pages about COVID risks to fulfill FOIA request

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Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 3/8/2024- In one of the most ridiculous and hilarious data drops ever coming from the US Government, the CDC released 148 pages of redacted yellow squares, in order to comply with an FOIA request.  See the PDF here: cdc-moving-foia 

Source: Contributed by Zachary Stieber (The Epoch Times)  https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/24463984-cdc-moving-foia

Here's what it looks like in visual format:

This is no doubt going to be the release of the year, as the data on the harm caused by the COVID "Vaccines" is just piling up by the hour.  Just today, ALT FinTech site Zero Hedge - it was released that COVID-19 May Lead To Persistent Cognitive Impairment, Brain Fog, And Lower IQ Scores: [1]

In a large-scale observational study published on Feb. 29 in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), researchers invited 800,000 people with varying levels of COVID-19 exposure and duration to take an online cognitive assessment and follow-up survey. Cognitive difficulties have been implicated in numerous syndromes following COVID-19, including long COVID, suggesting infection may have lasting effects on the mental processes of the brain.  The study’s authors hypothesized there would be measurable cognitive deficits after COVID-19 that would scale with the severity and duration of the illness. They also speculated that objective impairments in executive and memory function, especially poor memory and brain fog, would be observable in those with persistent symptoms.

The reaction on X is hilarious, ranging from jokes to sarcastic quips.

But it's not funny, the CDC is obviously hiding something.  Many have speculated there is a sinister plot behind the COVID "Vaccines" although the drug companies are fat with profits and will do anything in their power to shut down any alternative narratives.

[1] https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/vcovid-19-may-lead-persistent-cognitive-impairment-brain-fog-and-lower-iq-scores

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