Lavrov and Pompeo Meet, Discuss Venezuela, Resolve Nothing

Lavrov and Pompeo Meet, Discuss Venezuela, Resolve Nothing

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Both officials met in Rovaniemi, Finland on the sidelines of an Arctic Council ministerial meeting. They last met at the July 2018 Putin/Trump summit in Helsinki, Finland.

Ahead of their meeting, Pompeo demanded Russia “get out” of Venezuela. Lavrov called on the Trump regime to “abandon its irresponsible” coup plot, adding:

“The attempts to force the change of government in Caracas have nothing in common with the democratic process and only undermine the prospects of a political solution.” 

It’s a flagrant “violation of international law…a particular feature of the US that they have been projecting power for decades by explaining that they are bringing good, democracy and protection of human rights to nations they are waging the war against” for regime change.

Discussion on Monday focused on the Trump regime’s coup plot in Venezuela, Lavrov saying following talks:

“We tried not to focus on the pronouncements made in public, bearing in mind the fact that these pronouncements impact too many things that, as a rule, have nothing to do with real politics. We tried to focus on real politics. And we did it,” adding:

“We are against hostilities anywhere in violation of international law. The use of force may only be authorized by the UN Security Council, or force may used in response to aggression against a sovereign state. Nothing of the kind is observed in Venezuela in any variants.”

Ahead of their meeting, Lavrov warned Pompeo by phone against “aggressive steps,” saying they’re fraught with “serious consequences,” adding:

“Only the Venezuelan people have the right to determine their destiny, for which dialogue between all political forces in the country is needed, and for which the government has long called for. Destructive pressure from outside, especially force, has nothing to do with the democratic process.”

On Fox News Sunday, ahead of meeting with Lavrov, Pompeo lied saying Guaido is “the elected leader of Venezuela…” He lied saying “it was done through their constitutional process, so there couldn’t have been a coup there.”

He lied claiming the “struggle for democracy (in Venezuela) continues.” He demanded Maduro step down.

He, other Trump regime hardliners, the vast majority of congressional members, and their media press agents reject the results of Venezuelan elections when Bolivarian social democracy is upheld — what they’re hellbent to eliminate.

Last week, Putin and Trump spoke by phone for around 90 minutes, Venezuela and other issues discussed.

Russia’s president “underscored that only the Venezuelans themselves have the right to determine the future of their country, whereas outside interference in the country’s internal affairs and attempts to change the government in Caracas by force undermine prospects for a political settlement of the crisis.”

Lavrov stressed the same thing to Pompeo. Hardline US policies remain unchanged. Prospects for anything positive from Putin/Trump and Lavrov/Pompeo talks are virtually nil.

Washington’s imperial agenda remains firm, wanting all sovereign independent nations transformed into US puppet states by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives.

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