LabCorp LH forensic fraud analysis – internal controls issues


Global Intel Hub 1/22/2021 - Second Sight Analysis service - San Diego, CA --


  • We believe LH stock is going lower, and will explain why.
  • We are unsure of the timing, as it depends on transparency, public awareness
  • LabCorp's management is aware of these issues but will not address them

Bear arguments can be difficult for bulls to comprehend.  Bull arguments are typically filled with a barrage of positive analyst reports, positive news reports (both of which can all be bought) confirmed by company financials, statements, and other inspection.  But there isn't any company that commits fraud and makes press releases stating 'Hey, we've just started overcharging our customers by 200%, signed - CEO.'

In fact, fraud is one of the most interesting parts of markets from an information science perspective.  Of course, fraud is bad - but it's also very intriguing because no perpetrator wants to get caught, but almost all frauds eventually do blow up.  In the process of covering up their fraud, they release information to cover it up, and may even hire a PR firm to do a mop up job.  The underlying fraud may be different from case to case but the cover up job is typically the same.  Fraud experts such as CFE's (Certified Fraud Examiners) know what to look for, based on publicly available circumstantial evidence, combined with whistleblower testimony, and other publicly available puzzle pieces.

We have published a series of articles of why we believe LabCorp (LH) $LH to be involved in a fraud with liabilities so huge, it will eviscerate the market cap of LH stock quickly.  What we don't know is the timing - we don't know when the fraud will be exposed.  But we believe that because of the emotional issues involved (families being lied to about who is your Daddy) that at some point the fake paternity tests being certified by LabCorp will go viral and ultimately the fraud will be exposed.  Here is some data on the short volume, provided by Crediblock Short Data:

There is low short volume and the borrow rate is less than 1%.  This is a new theory which means there is a lot of room to go down once exposed.  Here is a fraud case theory as prepared by a fraud expert, confidentially hired by LLC --

LabCorp Internal Controls and Anomalies

ISSUE:  by LabCorp, DDC and certain other Labs are committing fraud in DNA paternity tests sold in AMERICA.

LabCorp sells its tests on
DDC sells its tests on

Both LabCorp and DDC also control the paternity DNA TESTS used in non-criminal courts.

However, because of the Bradley Amendment, each fake test result subjects MEN to CRIMINAL Court and criminal Penalties.

LabCorp and DDC even found a government program to use to pay for the “tests”

and another  government program to pay and bribe witnesses and female parties (TANF).

Men believe the DNA paternity tests have the ability to exclude them as the biological father.

In truth, the  current DNA Paternity tests sold in the US do not have the ability to exclude them as the biological father.

Each male who takes this “test” will NOT be excluded as the father.

A “test” by definition has an unknown outcome which means by definition the test result must be binary, at least.

The “current paternity tests” have known outcomes.

The current paternity tests are a shameful gimmick.

This gimmick was the product of LabCorp , ORCHID , DDC and MAHA and STULMILLER, amongst others including DAVID KING, the former Chairman of LabCorp who stepped down in connection with the eruption of this scandal.

LabCorp accounting firm since 1997 (PWC) was also replaced.

This gimmick is designed to elicit a strong emotional response.

When used in a court of law, this gimmick is a weapon.

The weapon  is the illusion of the ability to shock and awe men through staged prediction.

Our ancestors used predictive abilities of the stars to curry favor with the masses but not as  a weapon and was never  used to steal.

By 1692 (Salem), this predictive  power morphed into a  monopoly  of staged prediction.

This monopoly was controlled by a few men who claimed the ability to interpret a 3-letter word.

That word then was GOD.

This 3-letter word and the claimed ability to interpret GOD’S will which ALSO gave them the ability to identify alleged witches as biological witches.

Today that word is DNA ( in the context of paternity).

By 2013, LabCorp and DDC switched, a biological test with a weapon described above .

This weapon is controlled by Maha, Stuhlmiller, Baird, LabCorp and DDC together with members of the AABB cabal.

Each test result, albeit fake, has an AABB stamp on the “Bottom of the DNA ANALYSIS as if the AABB were modern day VATICAN issuing its seal.

More than 20 different members of the AABB cabal who  have agreed to lie to men using a fake biological test and fake test result can be found on

These same 20 companies also sell an equally fake derivative of the Legal DNA paternity test known as a “Grandparent test.”

On different levels the paternity and grandparent tests could be interpreted as monetization of birth and

and death certificates, respectively.


Department of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine reveals how 100% of every male will fraudulently “appear” to be the father using this  gimmick.

The before and after analysis using maternal DNA is brilliantly illustrated and explained by STANFORD  for the LAY PERSON HERE:


IN AUTOSOMAL SCIENCE: IT IS BLACKLETTER LAW THAT : without a reference DNA sample from the mother,  neither maternal nor paternal alleles can be distinguished in the child's DNA profile.

This means without a reference sampled from the mother , autosomal DNA will not yield a paternity result.

That is, there is no ability to identify a father and there no ability to exclude ANY  MALE AS AN ALLEGED FATHER

LabCorp and DDC  accomplish this elaborate fraud  by communicating with the scientific community one way and the "public and consumers" with an entirely different and nonsensical scientific principle.

Compare the following : this how they communicate with scientific VS PUBLIC


Review of the Logic of Ordinary Paternity Cases

An ordinary child has two alleles per locus, one necessarily inherited from each parent. When testing a trio in a paternity case, the maternal obligate allele (MOA) is a locus allele found in both the mother and child. The remaining allele in the child’s phenotype must have been inherited from the child’s biologic father (BF) and is the paternal obligate allele (POA). If mother and child share both alleles at a locus, then both the MOA and POA consist of the two alleles

AABB sells books over AABB marketplace which repeat the above:

  • Determining an MOA and a POA 
A diallelic phenotype denotes a heterozygous genotype, but a monoalleleic phenotype is assumed to be (connotes) a homozygous genotype. Silent alleles are not considered at this stage of analysis.
  • Each locus genotype of the mother is compared with the genotype of her child at the same locus in order to deduce the MOA per locus: • If mother and child share one allele per locus, that allele is the 
  • • If mother and child share two alleles per locus, both are considered the MOA. 
Examples of trio phenotypes and MOA determinations are shown in Table 4-2.
  • The child is then reexamined to determine the POA, defined as a child’s allele(s) at a test locus that must have been transmitted by the child’s BF. Note that each locus’ POA of the child is determined before observing if the AF carries it or not. (The child’s POA per locus is transmitted by its BF, but the AF may not be the BF.)

Communicate with the public

LabCorp and DDC switched a biological paternity test with the illusion of a paternity test.

LabCorp and DDC accomplished this fraud.

The Switch occurred and was fully blended into LABCORP AND DDC LABS by 2013.

Simply LabCorp and DDC removed MATERNAL DNA from the equation to make more money. Unfortunately, this is not science.

This is fraud and this is about MONEY.

LabCorp and DDC accomplish this fraud then BY MISTATING SCIENCE.

AGAIN, AUTOSOMAL SCIENCE REQUIRES 3 variables for a paternity result.


1 Mother’s  DNA

2 Child’s  DNA and

3 Alleged Father’s DNA

On the LabCorp and DDC and AABB cabal websites the most expensive and dynamic variable of autosomal DNA TEST has been removed: MATERNAL DNA

There are now only

2 variables now

Child and AF

See which ADMITS ITS ONLY comparing a child’s DNA to an ALLEGED FATHERS DNA.


Background :

In 2017: LabCorp  outed itself in connection with the “BE” CASE.

There in the BE Case a LabCorp test result was known to be false by a new mother.

The mother had toxified a child and was motivated to toxify the child because of actual PRIOR knowledge (prior to Pregnancy) that she could blame ANY MAN she wished as long as the MAN made more taxable income than the actual biological father.

The mothers prior knowledge was actually true.

And in exchange, the  new mother would be bribed and paid off with TANF, a form of adult welfare for FEMALES AKA “Custodial Parent”

In 2018,  a sitting US JUDGE in attempted to cover up  LabCorp’s fraud in the “ BE” case.

In 2019, LabCorp and major accreditation entities were caught lying about LabCorp accreditation  illuminating  the liabilities associated with this elaborate fraud.

Chairman steps down.

In 2020, LabCorp auditors since 1997 rotated out.

Conclusion - further reading

For detailed research and breaking analysis, checkout our Second Sight service

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