Israeli Soldiers Kill Another Palestinian


Israeli Soldiers Kill Another Palestinian

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

How many more Palestinians will die before the world community says no more will be tolerated?

How many Israeli murders are too many?

How much more Palestinian bloodshed at the hands of a ruthless occupier is OK?

When will international law be enforced against Israeli Ziofascist criminals?

When will Palestinians be recognized as human beings, Israel no longer allowed to lethally shoot them for target practice?

Palestinian Ameer Omar Shehada, aged-22, is dead, succumbing to Israeli live fire to his chest on Saturday, his wound too grave to save him.

His death followed extremist Yitzhar settlers invading his village along with dozens of soldiers - protecting them with tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber-coated steel bullets and live fire.

One or more live rounds struck Shehada in his chest, pronounced dead at Rafidia hospital in Nablus.

A 14-year-old child was struck by live fire to his thigh. Other Palestinians suffered the effects of toxic tear gas inhalation.

An eyewitness said “settlers raided the village and then the army stepped in. It’s unclear who shot (Shehada).”

“It was basically the Palestinians on one side and the settlers and the occupation army on the other.”

Yitzhar settlement is a hotbed of Israeli extremists. In 2017, youths from the illegal community were arrested for throwing stones at Israeli military ambulances.

Earlier, some of its residents were involved in so-called “price tag” incidents - violence against Palestinians.

Settlers use the term to describe retaliation against Israeli government actions limiting their political goals, Palestinians paying the price.

Since 2004 alone, literally thousands of incidents occurred throughout the West Bank - Israeli security forces doing nothing to protect Palestinians, on their own under virtual war zone conditions.

Israeli soldiers protect settlers. They enjoy virtual impunity. Palestinians are vulnerable to everything from routine vandalism to arson and murder. 

There’s no one they turn to for help. According to the Al Haq human rights group earlier:

“The consistent failure of the Israeli authorities to act with due diligence has encouraged an increase in settler attacks against Palestinians.” 

Virtually always when violent incidents occur, the IDF blames Palestinians for crimes committed by soldiers and settlers.

On Saturday, another Palestinian family lost a loved one. How many more will die before occupation harshness ends?

It’s virtually certain Israel will never be held accountable for high crimes too grave to ignore!

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