Is Trump a Trojan Horse all along?


Many start to shake only by seeing the letter "T" in a headline, and some Psychiatrists have [half] jokingly described a phenomenon known as "TDS" Trump Derangement Syndrome.  A polarizing force indeed, but who is Trump and what are his motives?  First, full disclosure this author does support Trump for being an anti establishment hero (or at least, that's how he portrays himself) and for many other reasons.  But to be realistic, I have also met the largest campaign contributor to George H.W. Bush who privately confided in me that they fund both parties, and there is little difference (only in optics).  Coke vs. Pepsi, the Hegelian dialectic is used to polarize, the first step in division (Divide and Conquer).  But, is Trump really that truther - or is he an actor in the play of the century?  Let's look at the facts.

First off a little history.  I've met Trump multiple times because he was my neighbor (never shook his hand, this was during his germaphobe phase), I went to school at Northwood University in Palm Beach, FL (was bought by another University since then).  Growing up in the heathen Boca Raton, Palm Beach was a snobby cesspool of real secret society leaders, or "Globalists" if you will.  Kennedys, Carl Icahn, Koch, Lauder - you name it, they are here.  44 Billionaires and growing, all in one county.  But this isn't just a rich area, these are the real owners of society.  Thomas Peterffy operates the world's largest brokerage in volume terms - Interactive Brokers.  Henry Flagler literally built Florida as it is today.  We can go on and on - and this all happens on an island less than 8 sq. mi.  In this A-list Trump wasn't really so meaningful, in fact he was not really so popular, an outsider.  Sure, he had no problem selling memberships to his club, but he was controversial, and on "The Island" as it's called by the locals, someone who has money problems is looked at like a leper.  Rumors of Bankruptcies and shady dealings were not good for his image (but practically, you can't escape the labor unions if you are building a hotel in New Jersey).  His real claim to fame however was clearly the Apprentice.  Americans love their TV reality stars, and Trump was no exception.  This part fits into how Presidents are chosen by the Elite (not elected).

When NASA had help with the presentation of the Moon landings from Hollywood, a deal was struck whereby 'we'll make one of you the boss' and Reagan was elected.  Actors make great Presidents because all the world is a show, a big puppet show.  Reagan was a great President for the Elite because the people responded well to him and that's always the first line of defense in the social control paradigm.  The real power is not in the White House it's in the NSC, in the think tanks, and in the deep state.  Do Presidents actually do anything that makes a difference?  Trump did, to a large extent - and can be argued that since Kennedy, no President has actually done things they said they were going to do.  He said he would build a wall, he did.  He got tough on China which is a real threat, he cut taxes and created a business friendly environment.  He did (although secretly) start to break up the cabal, the big win being Epstein which triggered a number of other things to fall down.  He fell short there and the wall isn't finished but he tried.  Most importantly, he didn't invade any countries.  But there is one huge problem I have with Trump - why does he so much like Vaccines?  And these are not really "Vaccines" by any definition, and they do not help stop the spread, or actually have any benefit at all.

Does anyone else think it's strange how Trump is such a huge supporter of these "Vaccines" which are really experiments in nanotechnology, with horrifying side effects?  Could it be that Trump was part of the plan all along, a paid actor if you will, in order to achieve a greater end game?  For example I've heard someone suggest recently that the deep state wants Trump back in power because they want to engineer riots across America, which is going to be easier with Trump in office.  Certainly it was good for news ratings.  Some other strange anomalies - Trump as Commander in Chief certainly has access to the surveillance system and clearly knew he won the election fairly.  It is almost as if he wanted to leave the White House, by agreement or personal choice.  He didn't complain, show any of the evidence, not a peep.  He just hired lawyers to make lawsuits which mostly went no where.  No statements, no real grassroots organization.  Patrick Byrne personally funded investigations into election rigging more than Trump did - isn't that weird?  Don't you think if you were in Trump's shoes you'd be pissed off that you won an election and it was stolen?

Finally, let's look at some people close to Trump, such as Globalist Wilbur Ross, from the Island:

Ross ran the bankruptcy restructuring practice at N M Rothschild & Sons in New York beginning in the late 1970s. In April 2000, Ross left Rothschild to found WL Ross & Co. Ross was a banker known for acquiring and restructuring failed companies in industries such as steel, coal, telecommunications, and textiles, later selling them for a profit after operations improved, a record that had earned him the moniker "King of Bankruptcy".[2] Ross has been chairman or lead director of more than 100 companies operating in more than 20 different countries.

Named by Bloomberg Markets as one of the 50 most influential people in global finance, Ross was previously an adviser to New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on privatization, and was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the board of The U.S. Russia Investment Fund.

Not only is Ross a Bilderberger, he is the grand puba of a secret sect and he even runs the parties in full drag:

It was January 2012, and Ross, wearing a tuxedo and purple velvet moccasins embroidered with the fraternity’s Greek letters, was standing at the dais of the St. Regis Hotel ballroom, welcoming a crowd of two hundred wealthy and famous Wall Street figures to the Kappa Beta Phi dinner. Ross, the leader (or “Grand Swipe”) of the fraternity, was preparing to invite 21 new members — “neophytes,” as the group called them — to join its exclusiveranks.  Looking up at him from an elegant dinner of rack of lamb and foie gras were many of the most famous investors in the world, including executives from nearly every too-big-to-fail bank, private equity megafirm, and major hedge fund. AIG CEOBob Benmosche was there, as were Wall Street superlawyer Marty Lipton and Alan “Ace” Greenberg, the former chairman of Bear Stearns. And those were just the returning members. Among the neophytes were hedge fund billionaire and major Obama donor Marc Lasry and Joe Reece, a high-ranking dealmaker at Credit Suisse. [To see the full Kappa Beta Phi member list, click here.]

Not exactly your populist activist.

Second, Trump's son in law (stress on the 'in law') is an active Bilderberger and has some unusual connections with cult members and Israel.  Also, see this:

A mysterious poster on an online forum claimed that Jared Kushner was the head of a secret society

In 2007-2008, a mysterious poster on an online forum claimed that Jared Kushner was the head of a secret society which would assume control after the next president (after Obama). Most users thought that it was a larper but they still dug up a lot of interesting information on Kushner.

Today the prediction hits eerily close to home.

Another noteworthy aspect is that back then Kushner was only in his mid-twenties and nobody knew who he was yet, so it would have been really strange for someone to elaborately larp about him.

Now let's take a look at some of how pro-Vax Trump really is, for example he recently said:

“Just six people out of the nearly 7 million who’ve gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine reported blood clots,” Trump further whined. “The condition is more common in the general population, and every vaccine – indeed, every medication – carries some risk, including the Moderna and Pfizer jabs.”

Despite several years back while running for president in 2016 expressing his own “anti-vaccine” sentiments, Trump has now decided to take aim at those “resisting” the latest experimental injections from Big Pharma, which are not even approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Trump says that it is “sheer lunacy” for Resident Joe Biden “to delay millions of vaccinations and feed fears among the vax-resistant.”

“Indeed, this moronic move is a gift to the anti-vax movement,” Trump added in the email. “The science bureaucrats are fueling that deranged pseudo-science.”

This is from a conspiracy forum, taken with a grain of salt - again - by itself meaningless but taken with the overall picture we are painting here, these are scary:

Was involved with the Rockefeller Foundation for years. Trump is in on it. They all are. It is actually happening. It is not a movie.

The Rockefeller foundation in conjunction with several other globalist groups have been game planning and brainstorming how they would depopulate for decades.

Rest assured that no one in the public eye is real. Trump was a planner. He was put in to office to divide. He is an actor playing a part. I am sorry and I know it will hurt alot to here for many. But America has been a globalist entity for many years. The US military does the globalist deeds, they follow orders andnare given false reasoning.

This pandemic is not real, most here know that. There is no Covid19. There are no variants. This was planned since 1997. Very little has changed, apart from the name of the disease. Sars Cov 1 was a test run, as was swine flu. Several other "diseases" were used and false stories were fed to the media to create fear. Test runs.

I left the grouo I worked with in 2017. I have a terminal illness and the treatment I am on will keep me alive for only a short time longer.

I post this mainly to tell you this. Under no circumstances take any vaccine. Any if them. They are all designed to slow kill over the next decade. They want at least two billion dead by 2024. By 2030 they hope to have the population of the world below a billion.

The MRNA shots indeed contain graphene. Those taking the shot will be trackable and their mental state can and will be dulled over the lengths of their short lives.

Please. Do not ever take a shot.

Then we get into deeper info from the 90s, so it's more 'real' in the sense that we can say this perspective was not affected by the current "Trump" phenomenon, a MUST READ book Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.  In this book Dr. John Coleman elaborates in great detail on the lesser known organizations that have had and have a huge impact on global affairs, such as the Club of Rome, Tavistock, and others.  Pointedly, he notes on how think tanks well funded by Monopolists play both parties against each other (Democrat vs. Republican) and that how many 'conservative' NGOs are not really conservative after all (in such cases as the Heritage Foundation they were setup as conservative organizations but were later taken over by Globalists to further their agenda).  Their goal is simple, One World Government, and that requires a weak United States.  Not part of the MAGA agenda.

Isn't it interesting, that the populist America first radical, quietly left the White House after legitimately winning in a landslide election (based on alternative audits, quantitative analysis reports, and accounts of election fraud), only to be replaced by a Global medical tyranny - and later coming out as a Vaccine advocate?  Frankly, we'll never know.

Still, Trump was one of the best US Presidents ever, who Triumphed against all odds.  If this was all a 5d chess game, that's sad - but it's not surprising.  The world is not as it seems, as explained in Splitting Pennies.

We hope, we are wrong.  We aren't saying that Trump is a Trojan Horse.  But hopium is deadly and has caused many psychological problems in the far right who spread rumors about '40,000 sealed indictments' and other nonsense that never comes to fruition.

Was "Trump" invited, chosen, in 2015 as some have suspected?

For more analysis like this, Checkout Global Intel Hub

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