Illegal Clinton victory can mean USA Balkanization or Revolution


by globalintelhub, 2016 (by Joe Gelet)

How quickly we are sliding down the rabbit hole! As we explain in Splitting Pennies – Understanding Forex – Forex is the means to which one can understand how the world works.  This book isn’t about FOREX so much as it’s about the workings of the ‘real world’ – and no better time than now to understand these nuances! Scots refer to this time as “The Quickening:” 

Many have noted that time seems to be accelerating. The hours, days, seasons, and
years appear to fly by faster than ever before. An hour no longer feels like 60 minutes
(unless you’re waiting in line!). One week seems to run into the next. It’s as if we’re
watching the blur of a speeding train pass by.

It seems that it’s not possible to even digest and assimilate the information as quickly as it’s passing now.  Wikileaks released more HRC emails, of all people Bill OReilly exposes a massive conspiracy against Trump, A Libertarian tracking to get 10% of the vote, an election official was caught on camera saying ‘the fix is in’ for HRC, Russia is in fallout mode; whats next?  I’ll tell you what’s next…  First, a quick lesson..

The current social control paradigm doesn’t control people 100%.  It’s not as if there’s a button they can press in Washington, and Joe Plumber will lift his right arm and salute.  It’s an inefficient, outdated, but effective – propoganda system that functions on multiple levels.  Television with its HZ waves, chemicals in the food, drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Viagra, Valium, and now in the west Marijuana, all designed to make you very happy fat idiots.  Well, not everyone is on prescription meds, and not everyone has a TV, so that’s one proof that this ‘system’ isn’t 100% effective!  Also, even for those ‘inside’ the system, it doesn’t control them 100%.  It controls the ‘group mind’ or ‘groupthink’ – that means, in subtle ways, the establishment can be against TRUMP but in such a way that at first he’s elected, but PENCE is the real play.  This game scenario, pacifies the real ‘awake’ people, with a TRUMP victory, but having a real establishmentarian in the White House shortly after.  Just sayin’ – it’s one of the possible considered scenarios – and you can bet the farm that the DOD’s supercomputers are running at full capacity gaming this situation, because a failure to coalecse the people when they are angry and armed can mean one thing: REVOLUTION.  Replace that word properly with ANARCHY or CHAOS because this isn’t really a REVOLUTION, as the Bolshevik revolution which was planned and stood for intellectual concepts.  This would be more of a REVOLT, against a broken establishmentarian system that hasn’t evolved with the times, and has done a poor, poor, poor job of management.

Note to Elite – if you want to engratiate yourselves, be sure to keep the people fat and happy completely, so they don’t notice what you’re doing.  Happy people means people sheeple.

The Establishment is so against Trump that it’s scary.  It’s proof that he really is an independent ‘candidate’ and that he hasn’t been ‘bribed’ by the powers to be.  But in any case, even for fervent TRUMP supporters, an establishment HRC victory by election fraud as described by the election official ‘busing around voters from voting booth to booth’ might even be BETTER than a TRUMP victory.  Because, TRUMP winning the election is the POSSIBILITY, not the GUARANTEE, of change.  Once TRUMP is in the White House, they will do everything and anything to make his job impossible.  It’s not known how TRUMP would act in such situation – not even he knows.  He thinks he knows – but he will encounter things that he didn’t expect once he’s there.

Regardless of the outcome, it seems that if there is any funny business at election time, which it seems there most certainly will be, it will ‘wake up’ a huge amount of voters to the fact that America has long ago been bought and sold just like almost every other country on the planet.  This may start them down a path where they may ask questions about the status quo, and it may change them.  They may want to learn things, such as how the financial system works – where does all the ‘money go’ – why is our money less and less valuable each year?  So, as hearbreaking as it may be to see a real swine steal the election via voter fraud, it certainly wouldn’t be a first in America (see results of 2000 elections), and it might actually be a good thing, in the long run, as those who are naive who believe ‘it can’t happen in America’ will be doused with a huge barrel of hot oil in the rest of the world they call ‘reality.’


Here’s a topic that we should elaborate on so that people are prepared, those who are not aware of America’s history, or the structure of law, and how the states have an elective relationship with the Federal Government.  The United States of America is a superstate, it’s not a country, like Switzerland is a country, it’s a CORPORATION, a Federal multi-national conglomorate comprised of 50 primary dealer-states, and a few ‘almost’ shareholders that can vote but don’t pay taxes or have Senators, like Puerto Rico.  Due to the massive POWER enjoyed by the USA, this structure is thought of as strong, but do not confuse these traits. In fact, USAs history was very haphazard, it wasn’t planned well, at least on a Federal level.  Many aspects of how the USA operates happen as a ‘problem-reaction-solution’ and all of a sudden we have FEMA, an agency which many think is an Apocalyptic dark horse ready to administer end of times, when in the reality it’s a welfare agency to help people after storms who don’t have insurance or cars to drive out of emergency areas or even money for a bus ticket.  The Federal government has become just something unique that will be studied for a long time.

What is ‘balkanization’ – simply, a term meaning the unwinding of USA as an entity, in its current form – such that we could see many countries or ‘states’ – US states are called ‘states’ but actually a ‘state’ is a COUNTRY.  France, is a STATE.  Although, France is part of the European Union.  The EU was significantly more properly organized as a Federation, as they had an example of USA and UK, and technology, and other tools at their disposal.  The EU is perfect example of why a superstate doesn’t work, or if you want a failed example, how about Yugoslavia?  A great idea, and while Tito was alive – worked great!  But, then the jackals emerged and the situation ‘balkanized’ – which is what’s happening now in America.

Take a look at Texas secession voting polls as example:

Note the * – and this was conducted in August, before all recent events.  An angry critical mass could easily push this sentiment well above 50%, and remember these polls are of the politicians, the people probably already feel 80% about secession.  Trump uses good example of Obamacare and drawing lines around the states.  People in Texas, don’t care to be part of USA.  The republic of Texas will be happy to be out.  And New York, finally will say ‘we don’t want them, in OUR America’ – which will not include of course, the South (The Deep South) – and Mormon controlled Utah, California off in its own LALA land, and it remains to be seen how the midwest can partner with New England in this regard – possibly this can be the ‘real America’ – New England west until North Dakota line, including the upper Mississippi region, Wisconsin, Michican, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, etc.

Is it so far fetched – is it such a bad thing?  Driving around in this new “Many America’s” one wouldn’t know the difference.  Anyway, few Americans now even know who the president is NOW.  We aren’t fighting anymore for Democracy, we’re fighting over who gets what.  What energy companies will get tax breaks.  Where the next Amazon factory will be built.  In South Carolina?  Or in Mexico?  Or Canada?  Or .. not?

Balkanization of USA can be a good thing, it will be good for the markets, good for business – so those who are worried about such a scenario – don’t be!  It can be like living in Europe – only we’ll all speak English.  Well, if you’ve ever been to the Deep South, or Boston, you can say that it’s not easy to clearly understand native Americans from all parts of USA.

Revolution – will lead to balkanization.  Because states will react, to protect their interests.  Big business will fall back on the local government when the Feds fail.  It will be amazing how quickly interest pulls out of Washington and back into counties, cities, and states – when they see it doesn’t work.

There’s one huge PLUS in the current pay for play – lobbying system in Washington today.  The ‘real owners’ of USA – Corporations, UHNWi, foreign governments, special interests, and others – they can pull the plug at any time.  Without their support, Washington would be like a wet noodle.  Yes, the Army has nukes – but Facism has taken over so exclusively, nearly 60% of the CIA operations are OUTSOURCED!  That means a rogue general, without the support of Raytheon, Lockheed, and Boeing, would be a target not only of the Army but of foreign armies as well.  Unlike previous times, war cannot be started by assasinating the Archduke.

But – going back to the original point – the powers to be have gone so far in this election to push this system to the brink of collapse – an Illegal HRC victory can break the system.  People can simply lose faith.  Not go to work.  Not buy coca-cola.  Throw their garbage on the street.  Park their cars on interstate highways.  Throw TVs out of windows.  Stop drinking beer.  Don’t pay taxes.  Don’t take loans.  Learn foreign languages.  Create free puppet shows.  Write books.  Use their local libraries.  Stop driving on interstate highways.  Stop using social media.  Deleting bad files from their computers.  Digging gardens.  Reforming land for use.  Painting pictures.  Creating art with 3d printers.

The world is such a big, interesting place – this whole debate doesn’t deserve our time.  Who cares if Trump is a bad person, an egoist, whatever.  He’s not in prison.  He represents what America REALLY IS – like it or not.  If he loses fair and square, we can wait another 8 years.  But if HRC is elected due to voting fraud, machines that will ONLY vote for HRC (as we saw in the 2000 presidential election, and countless local elections) – we can expect huge social fallout, and probably, most likely, the beginning of America’s own BREXIT, where states will one way or another drop out of this “USA” system.

US taxpayers spend hundreds of billions of dollars paying taxes to keep this system going, by blind faith.  USA is a modern religion.  If only a small fraction of that tax money was spent on useful things, such as planting trees, building roads or paving roads, building schools and other various buildings, planting crops for consuming, heck even making beer – would be better than giving it to the federal government – economically speaking (you should always pay your taxes!).

Take a look at this overlay of a new ‘potential’ America, overlay on Federal Reserve ‘districts’ – interesting why the Fed has these ‘districts’ isn’t it, 12 of them.. how biblical of them…

To learn more about the way the world works, checkout Splitting Pennies – which explains politics from the perspective of REALITY (which in the case of politics = money, or FOREX).  Forex = money value.

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