Health Care Workers Bragging About Forged Vax Cards As Fake “Passports” Hit The Street

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 From Zero Hedge

It was inevitable.

Healthcare workers across the country are taking to social media to brag about stealing COVID-19 vaccination cards from their jobs in order to falsify their vaccination status - allowing them to falsify their vaccine status.

Photo By: EJ Hersom, DOD

"I work at a pharmacy and grabbed blank ones for me and my hubby," said one TikTok user, who was identified by other users as a pharmacy tech in Illinois - and promptly reported to state healthcare authorities, according to the Daily Beast.

"Can I pay you to ship a couple to me," another TikTok user identified as a Texas nurse wrote under the original video bragging about the theft - and was also promptly reported to Texas healthcare authorities.

"I got a template if u want it," posted one TikTok user under a viral video about faking vaccination cards.

Becca Walker, one of the two users sounding the alarm, posted: "I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to steal from your job. And I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to steal blank vaccination papers for COVID-19 to falsify information and claim that you and your husband were vaccinated when in actuality you were not."

"Stop hating on me! I don’t care what any of you think. I did what is best for my husband and I," posted the Illinois pharmacy tech right before she wiped her TikTok account history - only to try and cover her tracks by posting a fake TikTok claiming to be a 16-year-old British girl doing a social media experiment for her filmmaker father.

Walker, along with user Savannah Sparks, have since posted several more TikTok videos calling out healthcare workers for allegedly forging or attempting to forge vaccine cards. They claim dozens of tips have been sent to them by other users on the platform, but which they haven't been able to verify.

If it seems surprising that vaccine resistance would exist among medical professionals, even those with a strong background in science, Schaffer said it simply highlights how many Americans are still resistant to vaccination, more than three months after the first jabs went into the arms of frontline health-care workers. In February, a survey conducted by experts from Northwestern, Northeastern, Rutgers and Harvard universities found that 21 percent of health-care workers surveyed did not want to be vaccinated. Hesitancy, which indicates skepticism towards the vaccine but not an outright unwillingness to be vaccinated, was 37 percent. -Daily Beast

Meanwhile, fake "vaccine passports" are already being sold on the street. Via Summit News:

*  *  *

Fake ‘vaccine passports’ are already being sold by criminals on the streets, according to TV personality Andrew Gruel, who said he saw it happen.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Biden administration has been working with tech companies and non-profits to create a vaccine passport that “will play a role in multiple aspects of life.”

According to a CNN report, the vaccine passports, which could be ready in weeks, will be a condition of the United States returning to “normalcy” before the end of the year.

However, it appears as though street scammers have already beaten the government to the chase.

“Had to work late last night,” tweeted TV host Andrew Gruel. “Walked through a back alley to get to my car. There were 2 shady guys selling fake vaccine passports out of the back of a Cadillac. A market is born.”

The ridiculous takeaway from the introduction of vaccine passports is that Americans may be forced to show ID to watch a baseball game while voting can still take place with no ID requirements whatsoever.

As we highlighted yesterday, the vaccine passport isn’t just a proof of vaccination system, it’s a digital ID card that will likely be linked to the facial recognition camera network.

This will then grease the skids for the full implementation of a Communist Chinese-style social credit score system where dissidents are denied basic rights and services and have to live in a de facto state of permanent lockdown.

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