Global Monopoly taxes population, stifles technology


Mobile technology developed for World War 2

Our look at technology is from the perspective of invention and causality.  The Elite control a Monopoly on core technology such as energy, transportation, manufacturing, communications, and other primary industries.  As such, they stifle innovation and squeeze every penny from the existing technological paradigm.  Energy is a common example on this topic so let’s pick another one: communication.  Since COVID has anyone noticed cell reception has plummeted from crappy to dysfunctional?  This at a time when the 5G rollout was supposed to be a major ‘upgrade’ to the mobile network.  Both current mobile technology and 5G were both developed and released to the public by the US military.

Actually, like many things we use everyday such as interstate highways, the focus on Radio was started by the Germans:

During World War II, the German Army relied on an diverse array of communications to maintain contact with its mobile forces and in particular with its armoured forces. Most of this equipment received the generic prefix FuG for Funkgerät, meaning "radio device". Occasionally the shorted Fu designation were used and there were exceptions to both these systems. Number ranges were not unique across the services so sometimes different equipment used by different services had the same FuG prefix. This article is a list and a description of the radio equipment.

Searching for this topic, you find almost no reference of American radio operations during WW2, only German operations – the Americans were playing catch up.  Ironically, a search on the topic “American Use of Radio during World War 2” turns up only Radio Propaganda.

Both sides quickly learned the power of mass media, and this led to the development of the TV Weapon to be soon released after the war was over (or rather, unleashed).  Modern society would never be the same.  The US Military did catch up and developed a complex radio communication system allowing Allied forces to communicate across enemy lines, to pilots, and even around the world.

Quickly after the war was over, this technology was drip fed to The Corporate Establishment, via reverse engineering labs like Bell Labs:

In December 1947, Douglas H. Ring and W. Rae YoungBell Labs engineers, proposed hexagonal cells for mobile phones in vehicles.[28] At this stage, the technology to implement these ideas did not exist, nor had the frequencies been allocated. Two decades would pass before Richard H. FrenkielJoel S. Engel and Philip T. Porter of Bell Labs expanded the early proposals into a much more detailed system plan. It was Porter who first proposed that the cell towers use the now-familiar directional antennas to reduce interference and increase channel reuse (see picture at right)[29] Porter also invented the dial-then-send method used by all cell phones to reduce wasted channel time.

Amazingly, in 70 years this technology has changed little.  The problem with wireless technology per se is that simply by itself it is a very limited medium.  Why the Americans liked it because it was cheap, easy to build out, and they owned the Monopoly on it.  While everyone likes to complain about the Welfare program from the Non-Farm bill, nearly no one notices that the US Government gifts Silicon Valley massive technology and the legal Monopoly to back it up, a free gift for them to distribute to the public and charge fees.  The mobile phone in your pocket is from World War 2.

Steve Jobs did an amazing job of putting lipstick on the pig and rebranding glorified walkie talkies as ‘smartphones’ that could do the same as a computer and more, even though their processing power is a fraction of what is in a laptop.

Here’s an I.T. tip.  If you work in an office environment even if it’s a home office, get an IP phone if you want your call quality to improve.  Get a Voice over IP (VOIP) phone from

WiFi can be brought down by a Microwave, or natural background radiation.  Phones notoriously don’t work in Manhattan due to the ‘buildings’ but the real issue is that wireless technology is still inferior to the time tested 2 cans connected by a string.  Does no one notice how this billion dollar industry is a total scam?  Where is the disruption?  There’s even disruption in the crappy toilet paper industry, but not communications?

The answer is simple.  A dark group of Dinosaurs rules planet Earth by enforcing ‘patent rights’ (because they own the patent office, not because they file patents) which boils down to stifling technology and taxing the population for it’s use.  But you have no choice.  They give you the illusion of choice, Coke vs. Pepsi, etc. when it’s the same owners tolling you either way.

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