Disclosure Field Resonance and Remote Viewing Force Field at GSIC 2023 protecting Disclosure


Global Intel Hub -- Knoxville, TN -- 11/11/2023 -- Recently one of our GIH white hat agents attended the GSIC conference in Orlando, FL and collected some amazing intelligence.  Firstly to tie this into global markets, the US government is sitting on a multi-trillion dollar patent portfolio with technologies like life extension, cures for cancer and other diseases, unlimited free energy, portal / stargate technologies, and much much more.  There is a Disclosure initiative which will disclose this technology to the masses, however, as you can imagine, there is an internal struggle between Faction A and Faction B or if you like, the deep state vs. the white hats, between those who want this out there and those who want to keep it locked up.  There are many good people in the US Government, to say the government is evil or misguided is a complex insult due to the size, diversity, and complexity of US Government operations, so let's keep that in mind.  The speakers at the GSIC conference are all whistleblowers in a sense, who are either direct contactee or are researchers compiling intelligence on alternative information.

We're going to think about the following question: Are the white hats real and if not, who is protecting all these witnesses and technology projects?

One of the most interesting topics is Remote Viewing, a technique originally pioneered by the US Military (including the Army and the CIA), which has been since proliferated into the public arena.  In a private roundtable discussion at the conference, published on You Tube, several speakers talk about Remote Viewing as part of an area of interest called "Psycho Energetics."  They say that Remote Viewing is just the tip of the iceberg, and that there are actually Remote Viewing countermeasures, as well as Remote Influencing.  RV Countermeasures typically include a force field or 'cloaking' device, so when people RV the subject they just see something blank, or just a picture of the object that's not real, a smokescreen.

Speaker Elena Danaan says that she is protected by a "Force Field" provided by the Galactic Federation, because of obvious security issues surrounding the information being disclosed.

At the GSIC event, outside the speaker dinner at the hotel, a Space Force logo was photographed.  In a sky with virtually zero clouds:

This image was taken:

It was not enhanced by photoshop just rotated.  See side to side with Space Force Logo:

Is that like "Letterhead" showing that "Space Force is here, protecting the speakers, protecting the conference from any harm."

In the Corporate world, and in the Military world- if you send an official letter, you do so with Letterhead.  This has been replicated electronically with email signatures, that often include the organization's logo, the title of the party, and other information.  That document becomes public communications, which may be archived, outside of the official database of the organization.

If you think this is a stretch, let's examine some other circumstantial evidence.

The audience reported a good vibe in the crowd, or in other words, no agent provocateur's.  Was this due to Cosmic Security?  At an event where government lies of 70 years are being exposed, and a potentially multi-trillion dollar technology portfolio that can bankrupt entire industries, you can expect that those who have most to lose, would make a fuss, in the least.  For example, evidence has been found that much of the 2020 'riots' were actually agent provocateur's, paid.  It's not a conspiracy theory, there's a boutique industry where you can hire people to protest, it's called "Crowds for Hire" and here's one company offering it's services out: crowdsondemand.com   Zero Point or Free Energy would eliminate the need for Oil - an industry that generated 708 Billion in revenue in 2022. [1]

Watch a Roundtable discussion with some of the speakers, discussing force fields placed around people and key ships.  These force fields act as a protection against traditional ballistics as well as remote viewing:

Could Space Force have technology that can protect people, events, ships, buildings, and other infrastructure from negative interference?  The evidence suggests yes.

People are desperate for evidence of the white hat plan, on any level.  Perhaps the evidence is all around us?  We just aren't looking hard enough, or diligently enough.

What's really interesting though is that if this is true, white hats may operate a force field that protects those critical to disclosure, including key witnesses, and those networks that proliferate the positive truth about technology, our history, and what lies beneath.

Or to say it a different way, if this force field wasn't protecting disclosure, you can bet many of these witnesses would be suicided out of existence.  Paradigm shift is here, embrace it.  - Global Intel Hub.com

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[1] https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-statistics/market-size/oil-drilling-gas-extraction-united-states/

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