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Global Intel Hub TV -- 4/15/2024 -- Private markets are dark and investors have scant information to make investment decisions.  That doesn't stop some of the largest funds in the world from buying up hot names like Floridians at Home Depot before a Hurricane buying every thing in the store even if it's not going to be useful.  The evolution of Big Data Analytics to drive growth in privates was a natural step, however, one company executed it successfully.

Tyson Hendrickson has revolutionized private markets by providing much needed granular data on private markets which are dark. Compared to public markets, you can’t look up the stock price for SpaceX, for example. He founded a free service that provides both investors and sellers with valuable insights on private markets, which has been a game changer for the market. represents real paradigm shift and technological leap for late stage secondaries. He tracks over 1100 companies on the platform, and expects that this market will continue to grow. By being a data provider he has unique insights on the market, let’s see what he had to say.

In the Internet Marketing world, they say it's all about Content.  "Content is King" they say.  Well in markets, Data is everything - so in a market where data is private, a data service like Notice is a great step in the right direction.  This represents a huge leap for private markets which are currently evolving into a rapid paradigm shift.   Readers should note that is a data only service.

Venture Capital Cross is a broker dealer with a portal offering private markets investment opportunities.

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