Content restrictions and VPNs

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Since when have content restrictions become normal?  China imposes a 'great firewall' on users where many sites such as are completely blocked.  Is it more scary to realize that the site you are viewing may display different content based on your IP, or not at all?  Fortunately there is a solution, VPNs and proxy browsers.

Hola is a free VPN used by 11 Million users worldwide, that allows you to use any site from any country.  It also speeds up browsing and can bypass various content restrictions that use IP filters.  This includes normal html websites, content sites like Netflix and Amazon, and a growing number of Forex sites that will redirect you to your local region based on your IP.

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Another tool is an anonymous proxy browser, offered free by Hide My Ass.  Hide My Ass also has a premium VPN service which is offered to GIH members at a discount by ordering through our link here.

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