Censorship in the Book Publishing Industry


Global Intel Hub -- 5/21/2023 -- We all know that the TV programming is manipulated, and so are feature films and social media.  But what about Book publishing?  According to independent authors, it's even worse.  The book publishing industry, similar to TV and Social Media, is controlled by a small number of firms.  They will publish content they approve of.  If you want a big publisher, you have to accept a big editor who is going to re-write your book according to their own opinions (or that of their firm).  Just to get an idea, the biggest publisher, Harper Collins, is owned by Rupert Murdoch.   [1] 

There are nearly 70,000 independent publishers in the world!  [2]  But here's the problem, the big Monopolies control the distribution.  You can self-publish on Amazon's KDP service, but you'd be one of millions.  Getting your book sold is difficult.  Small startup authors don't have the money or resources to stage a campaign, they probably can't afford a publicist.  So this is how the Monopoly's retain their power - they control the shelf space, the distribution.  Barnes & Noble is the largest bricks & mortar bookstore in USA, earning $3.6 Billion in revenue per year. [3] Their editors totally control the content of books on their shelves, just as the TV editors control what's on TV.  We've all seen Project Mockingbird in action, giving talking points to all TV news shows, and the anchors repeat like birds, the talking points delivered to them.  This was first obvious during the "Terrorism Terrorism Terrorism" time of the post 9/11 fearmongering campaign.  It has been well documented.  But the book industry goes unscathed.  That's mostly because people don't read anymore like they used to, but someone is buying books at these stores.

Let's take a look at a controversial topic, UFOs and ETs.  A coverup only exists if there is something to hide.  Or in other words, someone is paying the 'fact checkers' millions of dollars they are incentivized to do so.  No one is paying whistleblowers to uncover the truth, they are risking all and sometimes lose their life (first  their career, pension) and sometimes their body too.  Last week at a Barnes & Noble in Knoxville, TN we noticed titles in this category that 5 years ago would never appear!  Bill Cooper, Graham Hancock, J. Allen Hynek, and Robert M. Schoch!   They did not have Dr. Michael Salla, William Bramley, Alex Collier, or others - however, 5 years ago these authors would not have appeared here.  For those in the UFO community, this is evidence of 'soft disclosure' and preparing the population for greater disclosure.

Similar to what we are seeing with the Twitter Files, are we going to see  a revolution in book publishing?  As people 'wake up' to the truth, they are seeking by themselves alternative information.

There's one way to get ANY book in Barnes & Noble, lots of people can buy it and/or request it from the website.  If millions of people request a book, they will put it on the shelves.  Author's cant really do this for themselves as they are a nationwide campaign (if you could get millions of people to request your books, you probably would already be on the shelf).

Some of these authors such as Graham Hancock are on TV shows like Ancient Aliens, and now Hancock has his own show on Netflix "Ancient Apocalypse."

Whatever the catalyst, there is certainly something changing.

Another thought, why are most of the major 'big five' book publishers privately held? [4]  Scholastic (SCHL), John-Wiley & Sons (WLY), and Pearson plc (PSO), which is the parent company of Random House are publicly traded.  Harper Collins is a subsidiary of News Corp.  Macmillan Publishers is a British publishing company traditionally considered to be one of the 'Big Five' English language publishers. Founded in London in 1843 by Scottish brothers Daniel and Alexander MacMillan, the firm would soon establish itself as a leading publisher in Britain.  The Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, commonly known as Bertelsmann, is a German private multinational conglomerate corporation based in Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is one of the world's largest media conglomerates and is also active in the service sector and education.

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