Alpha Z Advisors offers an alternative to options investing

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — Dover, DE 8/8/2017 — Global Intel Hub exclusive interview — Elite E Services sat down with Mike Connor, Principal and Senior AP of Alpha Z Advisors, LLC – a trading advisor offering alternative investments based on strategies incorporating research on price anomalies, behavioral biases and institutional practices. In November of last year, Alpha Z Advisors […]

Anti rich sentiment growing globally

GIH: The sentiment against the so called 1% is growing, as the gap between the ‘rich’ and ‘superrich’ has gone parabolic.  The majority of the world’s wealth is now concentrated in the hands of a few thousand people.  Questions are now being raised about how they are helping the economy, as the velocity of money […]

Perfect Storm: energy, finance and the end of growth

The following leading analysis is a well-documented objective view from a historical perspective, outlining the global challenges we face as we head into the new paradigm of modern society.  Tullett Prebon is one of Britain’s oldest money brokers, this report is prepared by their chief analyst.  download Perfect Storm here Click for larger view of […]

Indian Bitcoin Exchanges Halted As Government Shifts Capital Control Attention Away From Gold

Another government is going after Bitcoin, the anonymous virtual currency gaining momentum as traditional asset classes are questioned.  In a surprise move, the Indian government has raided one Bitcoin seller and urged citizens to not use the virtual currency: Having failed miserably in the “control” of capital outflows from the Rupee (via Gold), the India government […]

Colossal Fraud – There are No Free Markets

There may have been a day when markets were truly free, achieving price discovery through the simple mechanism of supply and demand for capital to assets.  That day has long past, we can argue about when it happened.  But now, many markets, most notably financial markets, commodity markets, the stock market, are highly controlled.  Talk […]

The World’s 2170 Billionaires Control $33 Trillion In Net Worth, Double The US GDP

Apparently, 2170 people control more wealth than twice the GDP of the United States, supposedly the most economically strong country in the world.  Their wealth has increased by 60% since 2009.  They largely operate behind the scenes, but considering their economic influence, they should not be disregarded as just benefactors of a good economy.  If […]

When Countries Go Broke

Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog, It’s become almost cliche these days to point out how many governments are broke beyond belief. In Japan, where the country’s debt level already exceeds 200% of GDP, the government has to finance 46% of its budget by issuing more debt. In the United States, the governments […]

Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Starting All Over The World

As we warned two years ago, “the muddle through has failed… and there may only be painful ways out of this.” [18] Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog [19], Now that “bail-ins” have become accepted practice all over the planet, no bank account and no pension fund will ever be 100% safe […]

The Top 10 Questions About Twitter’s Real Value

The number whispered on Wall Street is $10 billion (or $14-$15 if you ask The Saudis), but potential investors in the micro-blogger’s IPO will need more to go on than simple valuation math and guided judgment.  As ConvergEx’s Nick Colas notes, Tech firms are particularly dependent on innovation and human capital for their viability. So while […]

How a 1% Gain Can Destroy Your Retirement Dreams

Sep 10, 2013 – 01:47 PM GMT By: Money_Morning Robert Hsu writes: This has been the bond market’s worst showing in 19 years, thanks to the recent spike in the 10-year Treasury yield. But bond investors aren’t the only ones getting hit. A higher “risk-free” rate affects you, too. And me. And anyone else trying to […]

Poland Confiscates Private Pensions – Yours Are Next

Sep 11, 2013 – 01:26 PM GMT By: Jeff_Berwick We have been saying for the last four years that as Europe, the US and other Western and global nation-states continue their debt-fueled collapse the governments of these countries will continue to consider their citizens’ wealth to be their own and seize more of their assets. We […]

Are your funds safe with your custodian?

A custodian maintains custody of your funds.  When you open an account at a bank, brokerage house, or hedge fund, at some point you transfer assets to the institution who holds them for you in your name (Your account name).  If funds are not on your person in cash or on your property, they are […]

How to think Chinese – Developing a long term view

Before we begin we need to clear a few biases.  People confuse culture, politics, and economy.  For example, there is confusion about the differences between socialism and communism; many people think they are the same.  Also people equate communism with USSR style communism, which was less communist than your local community.  The most communist organization […]