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Back to business as usual, CIA coups and currency debasement

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Global Intel Hub 2/5/2021 -- Charlotte, NC - ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE

With the ushering in of the "Biden" administration, a silence can be heard around the world.  That sound is the silence of relief, the Elite feel that populist Trump is out of office and no longer a threat, and it's back to business as usual.  The well is no longer dry and the pumps have already been primed for a return to the greasing of the pigs, an American tradition going back to Eisenhower.  Most notably, Erik Prince didn't waste any time getting to work in Myanmar, where he has been operating publicly since 2019:

So at least some of the good news for now, we don't have to listen to the loud screams of terror from the Elite who are not [were not] raking in billions from their corrupt schemes like regime change, market manipulation, and other fun hobbies they have we can't get into in case children are reading this.

Here's what it's really all about, controlling business contracts:

China Inc. in Myanmar – an inauspicious history

China’s hefty economic footprint in Myanmar has arguably been a pilot for its Belt and Road Initiative. Back in the 1990s, Myanmar’s military dictatorship was hemmed in by western sanctions, had no friends and few sources of financing. Beijing stepped in and, from the turn of the century, Chinese investments in Myanmar proliferated. These sketched out priorities now hard-wired into the Belt and Road Initiative globally: access to natural resources and access to infrastructure to convey them to China.  Myanmar has offshore gas, timber, minerals and precious stones, not least jade – the country’s most valuable natural resource – whose main beneficiaries have been military hardliners, crony tycoons, drug lords and shadowy Chinese financiers. It also has a strategic location which enables resources not just from Myanmar, but other parts of the world too, to be transported into China via a land corridor, rather than a much longer and riskier seaborne route.

Not surprisingly, around the same time, Myanmar tapped into US Dollar swap lines (which is Fedspeak for money) created in 1997 to avoid another Asian financial crisis:

..the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM). A surveillance unit, the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO), was created to monitor member economies for signs of emerging risks and to provide analysis of countries requesting funds from the CMIM, much as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) does for its member countries. The fourteen countries participating in the CMIM agreed to a certain financial contribution and were thereafter entitled to borrow a multiple of this, ranging from 0.5 for China and Japan to five for Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and Laos. In 2014, the size of the agreement was doubled from $120 billion to $240 billion, and the amount a country could access without being on an IMF program was raised from 20 percent to 30 percent.

It is not clear how much each country received from the $240 Billion, but that's a lot of money for Burma (Myanmar) a country with only $76 Billion GDP (2019), according to the CIA World Fact Book.

For a detailed overview of the inner workings of how the CIA enables US interests from industry, banking, and technology to expand their global markets, this article on Foreign Policy is a good start, and definitely read "Economic Hit Man" available here at ubuy.me books.

Bottom line, there are proxy wars between superpowers in countries rich with assets, whatever those assets may be.  And, as explained in Splitting Pennies - this is all backed by a policy supporting the US Dollar.  In other words, the mission has multiple goals.  Goal one is to establish the US Dollar as the reserve currency, and if possible to make the US Dollar to be used in local transactions.  Even Cuba, a long time foe of the United States, used the US Dollar as an alternative currency in Cuba.

Moving on to the next point, what's $240 Billion for the Fed to hand over to the IMF to dole out to Burma and their neighbors?  Take a look at some scary QE charts:

Does this chart remind you of something?

Or pretty much most markets, from the stock market to select real estate markets, and of course, physical Silver which is not manipulated, according to the regulators, who are currently investigating Reddit users for 'market manipulation' - but what's interesting, not only physical Silver is  trading at a huge premium to $SLV and other paper silver products, most providers are totally sold out at any price, see this ridiculous catalog from the U.S. Mint:

Currently Unavailable, Coming Soon, and Sold Out - why display them on the site?

So where does all this M1 go?  It filters through the economy and creates inflation, we found a great example from a consumer product of real inflation on a chemical cleaner product that costs (or should cost) pennies to produce, blue glass cleaner (off-brand) -

This glass cleaner is the off-brand product sold on WalMart.com the cheapest and roughest consumer marketplace in the world.  This is the bottom, rock bottom price.  If you buy this product in your local Kroger, Publix, or Albertsons, bet on paying a premium.  If you get the "Windex" or other premium brand, add another few basis points.

It's back to business as usual, this is not a groundbreaking article - simply a return to the normal.  Manipulated media, manipulated markets, in an attempt to create a Brave New World.  The good news for traders and investors is that, if you are as smart as Zero Hedge readers - you'll be able to make a killing, going short the USD and buying up bubble assets, or by taking advantage of unique situations.

Something is obviously brewing, as the trend of power players stepping down, jumping off high places, disappearing, and/or getting hit by a bus is continuing into 2021.  In case you aren't following this trend, take a look at this Medium article:

To date by July 2020, well over 1300 CEOs from massive corporations throughout the world had stepped down from their positions in the preceding twelve months.

To the recent list, add Jeff Bezos, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier, Leon Black from Apollo - and here is a list of politicians that have died or vanished in the last 10 days:

-Bobby McKee, Northern Irish politician
-Jean-Pierre Michel, French Politician
-Moshe Moskowitz, Israeli politician
-Bootie Neal, American politician
-Patrick O'Donoghue, Irish roman catholic bishop
-Joseph Donna end, South African politician
-Sifis Valirakis, Greek politician, drowned
-Steven T. Kuykendall, American politician, U.S. house of representatives
-Nilda Pedrosa, American politician, public affairs
-Robert Rowland, British politician, drowned
-George Weatherill, Australian politician
-Gunawan Wirosaroyo, Indonesian politician
-Jean-Pierre Baeumier, French Politician
-Jacqueline Berenstein-Wavre, Swiss politician
-Jose Manuel Botella Crespo, Spanish Politician
-Aenenas Chigwedere, Zimbabwean Politician
-Routouang Yoma Golom, Chandran militant & Politician
-Jerzy Grelewski, Polish Politician
-Feliks Gromov, Russian Commander-in-Chief
-Meherzia Labidi Maiza, Tunisian Politician
-Joel Matiza, Zimbabwean Politician
-Raphael Steger Catano, Mexican diplomat
-Hank Coe, American politician & Senate
-Mauricio Herdocia Sacasa, Nicaraguan, integration systems
-Jackson Mthembu, South African Politician
-Jose Pampuro, Argentinian politician, minister of defense & defense secretary
-Joyce Hearn, American politician
-Justin Lekhanya, Mosotho Politician
-Sibusiso Moyo, Zimbabwean Politician
-Brian Hillery, Irish politician
-Emanuele Macaluso, Italian politician
-Toleafoa Ken Vaafusuaga Poutoa, Samoan Politician
-Felipe Quispe, Bolivian politician
-Carlos Tapia Garcia, Peruvian Politician
-Jim Vickerman, American politician & Senate
-Jean Dumont, French Politician
-Savavar Gestsson, Icelandic Politician
-Nombulelo Hermans, South African politician
-Akos Kizra, Hungarian Politician
-Joshua Kyeremeh, Ghanaian politician
-Dundar Ali Osman, Turkish Royal
-Henryk Ostrowski, Polish Politician
-Gatot Sudjito, Indonesian politician
-K.V. Vijayadas, Indian Politician
-Aminuddin Ponulele, Indonesian Politician
-Billy Kinoi, American politician
-Sergei Prinkhodko, Russian politician
-Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Columbian Politician
-Ihwan Datu Adam, Indonesian politician
-Soichi Aikawa, Japanese Politician
-Avelino Mendez Rangel, Mexican Politician
-Debbie Bath Hadden, Canadian Politician
-Robert Canas Lopez, Salvadoran Politician
-Antonio Cardoso e Cunha, Portuguese Politician
-Abdullahi Ibrahim, Nigerian Politician
-Dave Arnold, American politician & Senate
-Joevana Charles, Seychellois Politician
-Victor Crisologo, Peruvian Politician
-Barbara Gronemus, American politician
-Marlin Kuykendall, American politician
-Jubril Martins-Kuye, Nigerian Politician
-K. G. Shankar, Indian Politician
-Jon Sullivan, Australian politician
-Marius Swart, South African politician
-Vicent Tur, Spanish Politician
-Maynard Wallace, American politician & House of representatives
-Salleh Abas, Malaysian Politician
-Mahaveer Bhagora, Indian Politician
-Xavier Hunault, French Politician
-Sergi Mingote, Spanish Politician
-Bheki Ntuli, South African politician
-Phuong Mai, Vietnamese Royal
-Om Prakash Sharma, Indian Politician
-Sayidiman Suryohadiprojo, Indonesian diplomat
-Mauro Telles, Brazilian Politician

Politicians and diplomats who have died in the past 10 days....

Is this the beginning of the 'great reset' or is there something else brewing that we don't know about?  One thing is clear - for now it's "Game On" for the DC crowd, business as usual for the Military Industrial Complex, which is supported by the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank owned by it's bank owners.

To stay tuned - follow Zero Hedge - and our site Global Intel Hub featuring analysis from our Second Sight service.

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