As seen on Zero Hedge: The fix is in – wag the dog


by globalintelhub, 2016 (by Joe Gelet)

As we explain in Splitting Pennies, the world isn’t as it is presented to us in textbooks, and on television.  But as is often with the case of the Elite’s black humor- they tell us how they are going to torture us as they are doing it.  In a related example, the CIA tortured Muslims by playing the Barney “I Love You” song for hours and hours.  Now, the joke is on us – the voters.  They are laughing at us, that people still believe in ‘democracy’ that America has “Democracy” – one point here to end this argument.  America is a Repulic, not a democracy.  In a democracy, such as they have in Europe and in many states like California, voters vote on issues such as the legalization of Marijuana, abortion, and other issues.  We do not use that system, America is a Federal Republic, where we elect representatives who ‘represent’ us in Washington (or, that’s the idea – in reality it doesn’t work that way anymore).  Just search for the word ‘democracy’ on the official page explaining the Federal system of government, and you’ll only see references to New England towns.

Anyway, we’re now all actors (extras, and unpaid) in one of Hollywood’s greatest productions, the US Presidential Election.  And it’s the biggest of them all.  There’s been a strong connection between Hollywood and Washington since World War 2.  Hollywood helped sell the war, showing Propaganda films for free sometimes before a Matinee and other times all day long.  This allowed Hollywood special ‘gifts’ and ‘incentives’ – leading to the agreement that one day, they’ll make one of their own a US President – Ronald Reagan.  How could a system based on lies, appearances, propoganda, and social control mechanisms have any better leader than an actor?  Everyone loves actors – especially Reagan.  It wouldn’t be surprising if Arnold runs next time (of course, changing the rules).

And, like many Hollywood projects, not only are they paid consultants to this real time movie we call ‘politics’ – they even made a movie about it, although some years ago, the name is Wag the Dog.

If you are a Millennial or younger and are not familiar with this film – this is a MUST WATCH before voting November 8: Wag the Dog.

Of course, Wag the Dog, like any Hollywood production, glorifies the process as if it’s a legitimate business.  The reality of legal, consentual, social mind control is much more unpleasant.  

It involves murder, disruptive conduct, rioting, and yes even public defacation.  

The difference in this election compared to others – TRUMP is not a hired actor.  So this puts a small ‘ding’ in the plan of the Elite.  When 2 actors fight, just like in a movie fight (unlike Jackie Chan, most actors use trained stunt doubles for fight scenes) – you know that no one will get hurt.  Well, sometimes the stunt doubles get injured but it’s a known risk, and happens rarely.  Imagine a REAL person jumping into a Hollywood choreographed bar fight – yeah, someone will probably get hurt.  That’s what we’re seeing this year.  They stopped playing by the normal ‘rules’ – because TRUMP isn’t on the take.  Right or wrong, TRUMP actually has his own opinions, and not the opinions of what is told via ear piece or teleprompter.  TRUMP doesn’t smile on cue.  That’s why people like him, and why the establishment is trying to destroy him.  Of course even with a TRUMP victory, it remains to be seen what the plan to destroy him would be after that.  It could even tip the balance of power in USA, wouldn’t that be something.  In the markets there’s often discussion about financial inequality, but the Elite enjoy another type of priveledge that the rest of us don’t get – they are above the law.

Leading up to Election Day, the other wildcard will be TRUMPs reaction to the voting fix.  During the 2000 election, Al Gore did a very poor job of standing up for himself.  Had the votes been recounted – Gore would have won.  Months after Bush was in the White House, it was discovered that in several swing counties-  Gore had more votes.

The fact that the election is rigged, it’s not news to most Americans.  Really, they’re just playing with that small margin of people, like the new generation, who still is naive and believes everything they see on TV.  For hardcore Clinton supporters, such as big Wall St. donors, or other political slimeballs, or liberals with their head up their rear, there’s no swaying them.  As my high school football coach said “Tarheels bleed blue” – for these real Blue Bloods (or some sort of warped and disfigured genetic anomalies that inherited their American blue blood status), there’s no changing them.  They may as well be rounded up and put into FEMA camps and studied by scientists.  But for the rest, there’s still this huge margin – it may be as high as 20% – people who are still on the fence, people who aren’t aware, the world is a big bad world.  If you’re one of those people (or are afraid you may be one) checkout Splitting Pennies – Your pocket guide to understanding how the world works.  

For ZH readers who are already ‘in the know’ – let’s start a trend.  Forget this “As Seen on TV” it’s “As Seen on Zero Hedge”

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