911 and the Lost American Culture


by globalintelhub, 2016

911 is an event that changed America forever.  Probably that can be said for many such events like Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Lusitania, or the day the Allies ‘won’ World War 2.  But 911 is a lot more complicated, probably just because it’s an event that was in line with the times, culture, and changing world.  And as we explain in Splitting Pennies – a lot of money was made on Forex trades.

Everything that was before 911 was no more.  From the date of 911 until now, America has been preoccupied with war, security, and various emergencies.  It’s no coincidence that this event is known as ‘911’ which is the emergency code Americans dial.  America is in a state of emergency.

911 was the paradigm game changer of our century.  As we understand this event better, we can better understand markets and the world as it really is, and better ourselves for a brighter more prosperous future.

Some personal experiences not found in the ether

911 has been so well analyzed and documented by so many researchers.  Thanks to all of them.  Here’s some subjective experiences no one ever knew.

In the year 2000 a group of investors had been assembled via Private Placement Memorandum in Palm Beach County to invest 20 Million USD in the development of an intelligent stock trading algorithm, we code named the project ADTS “Automatic Day Trading System” (which was heresy in that time “Program Trading”).  The investors were all committed based on the involvement of an Italian Illuminati Investment Banker with the initials BT (now deceased).  We were fully subscribed in July of 2001 and in August I was personally looking for office space for our startup.  Among the locations I was investigating were the twin towers (one of our backers was an NYSE insider, Wall St. seemed an appropriate place to operate) although practically, we probably would have chosen south Florida, as the majority of the founders were based in Palm Beach County at that time, as well as BT.

The morning of 911 I remember waking up with the sun, unusual for me (i’m an alarm clock guy, i can’t wake up with the roosters).  It was a beautiful sunny day in Palm Beach I remember opening all doors on my house and enjoying the nice morning with no clouds.  Later I would learn how all the clouds were sucked out to sea by a hurricane Erin that reversed course strangely, exactly on the morning of 911.  It was headed for NYC almost exactly to where the twin towers were, ironically, before it changed course.  But, it sucked all the bad clouds, gasses, and other atmospheric elements (pressure) into it ensuring a clear game day for a historic, epic black op.

Those who can remember this day, remember the fear, shock, confusion, anger, and overwhelming emotions even for the most fervent anti-government rebel.  We felt as America was under attack – but from whom?  From what?  How?  We watched TV.  We watched mutliple TVs.  There wasn’t any Zero Hedge in that time, most news websites were copies of their TV programs, and what alternative news there was, lacked the depth of information that they have today.  Today, everyone has an HD camera in their pocket, back then, smartphones hadn’t been popularized yet.

So later in the day, I got a call from BT “It was Bin Laden” .. silence.  I thought, what a strange comment.  I didn’t even know who this character was.  After receiving a small lesson about the Mujahadeen, later I was explained that we’ll be soon going to war in Afghanistan, and that we should consider moving our operations for our business to another country  (for a number of reasons but mostly, the non-US investors were afraid of Americas’ stability, and also that the climate of war is not productive for developing intelligent trading systems).  All this info was told to me the same day of the attack.  Now I was by no means an insider, I have no knowledge of who provided this information to BT, but at the time it wasn’t really of any interest to me to ask.

The strange email chain

I’m not sure how I got on this email chain, but it was 2001, a time of chain letters, there was no social media.  I was emailed to a group, all the group was CC not BCC, with video attachments – my limited DSL was slow to download them, don’t remember many details about the videos, but the text of the email I remember clearly.  In all caps, the emailer explained that they have RECORDED SHOOTING DOWN OF AN AIRPLANE WITH HOME VIDEO, MANY MILITARY VEHICLES AND CRAFT.  PLANE POSSIBLY SHOT DOWN BY ANOTHER PLANE, OR IN COMBINATION WITH SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES.  MILITARY BANGING ON DOOR – PLEASE FORWARD THESE VIDEOS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  OUR ADDRESS IS ….. PA OUR EMAIL IS… OUR NAME IS.. OUR PHONE IS.. OUR CHILDREN ARE LOCATED AT…   silence.

I never saw this email chain or this home video surface years later.  At the time, I had been preoccupied with my own moving to New Zealand and unfortunately don’t have the records of this, it was in hindsight a huge mistake not keeping better records of such things.  But with all the strange mistakes made by the MSM at the time, this seemed like just one of a hundred little ‘quirks.’

But there were a lot of strange things about Flight 93, such as the FBI reports of White Angels, claims that it was shot down (much like the email said), and no physical crash evidence:


Pratically speaking, we’ll never know 100% of what happened, because whoever executed this black op destroyed all the evidence, and key people died of mysterious causes.  But due to the honorable and diligent research by millions- there certainly is a MASSIVE GIANT POINTING FINGER

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