Skype Contact Explorer

Member Exclusive!   $99 communication software package free for members

Skype Contact Explorer

The Skype Contact Explorer is a companion for Skype that installs in Windows 7, 8, XP, Server x. The companion is a powerful communication tool allowing you to maximize your Skype account when using as your primary means of communication. Send messages faster, to more users. Tap the potential of the Skype user base.  SCE was developed as a marketing tool to maximize the use of your skype contacts, both existing and new.  Skype is a growing communication medium, with many advantages.  For example users do not mind being sent a chat message compared to a phone call, studies show.  That means Skype can become a new medium for marketing and communicating with customers.

Features of SCE

  • Contact multiple users at once
  • Add multiple users to your contacts at once
  • Message all of your contacts at once
  • Search the Skype database using keyword files
  • Search for Skype users based on your business
  • Save your searches
  • Build a rolodex of Skype usernames
  • Send messages to targeted groups
  • Phone dialing features
  • Target by state, country

For Global Intel Hub members only

We are releasing this software for members of Global Intel Hub with the following conditions:

  • Do not give it to anyone else
  • You cannot resell it!  If you are interested in re-selling this software we have a reseller system in place, please contact us
  • OPTIONAL: Mention to your skype contacts and that you received this software free with your membership!

Steps to get it

1. Download and unzip the software  GIH_SetupSCE You will see a .lic file inside

2. Install the software, (double click SetupSCE.msi) and copy the .lic file to the installed folder as in the image below:


3. Further use instructions are in the user manual, which will install with the software, or you can view it here: Skype Contact Explorer User’s guide