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Global Intel Hub (GIH) now is 100% free.  With the recent revelation of ‘fake news’ in the media, Global Intel Hub is motivated to be a world leader in real intelligence.  Journalism has become tainted and few organizations maintain journalistic objectivity.  Intelligence agencies, produce intelligence for their government owners, private Intel agencies like Stratfor provide general analysis and intelligence which is good but leaves many stories uncovered, and as well – have a bias towards their corporate clients.  Independent agencies can fill the void for unbiased, objective, intelligence which is based on research, data, and simple logical analysis.

We don’t need a global network of agents to run a major intelligence site, because so much has gone online.  Sources such as Wikileaks, a source aggregator, have made global internet intelligence collection and analysis possible.

GIH has created a research page where we’ll put resources for searching these online databases directly, as they become available.

Also, we’re looking for co-authors to contribute content – if you are interested in becoming an author, guest-author, intelligence analyst, or other role visit this page to learn more which includes contact instructions.

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