Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands Of Times” Over 6 Years

Remember when it was pure tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory to accuse one or more banks of aggressively, compulsively and systematically manipulating the precious metals – i.e., gold and silver – market? We do, after all we made the claim over and over, wh…

Scary Fast: The Global Hypersonic Arms Race That Will Change Warfare Forever

Authored by Jeffrey Smith via,Hypersonic missiles – which travel at more than 15 times the speed of sound – are touching off a new global arms race that threatens to change the nature of warfare.On March 6, 2018, the grand ballroom …


False Flag intro to World War 3 tanker attacks

Global Intel Hub – (London, UK 6/13/2019) — Most wars in the past 100 years have been started with a ‘spark’ which might be assassination, attacking of a ship, or bombing of Pearl Harbor.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies the world is not as it seems. We’re not saying that this attack is a […]

Meet The Few Silicon Valley Billionaires That Shunned Tech And Made Their Money In Real Estate

From Zero Hedge:John Arrillaga and Richard Peery have made a name for themselves as the “Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard of Silicon Valley real estate,” according to Bloomberg. Despite the fact that they are little known outside of the Bay Area…


Dude, where’s my culture?

Have you ever stopped running around the hamster wheel and looked around and thought where the hell am I?  Who am I? The deterioration of Western culture could not be felt greater anywhere else but America.  We’ve created an entire class of “Haters” who for absolutely no logical reason hate President Trump – so much […]


Massive Multi-Industry Fraud involving Paternity Testing, MLM and LabCorp (NYSE:LH) EXPOSED

(Global Intel Hub) — London, UK — 2/3/2019 In this explosive series, Global Intel Hub has uncovered what is perhaps one of the largest and most sickening medical frauds ever, spanning the globe and involving multiple industries, an MLM scam, publicly traded companies like LabCorp (NYSE:LH), local municipalities such as county and city governments, and […]

Illegal Collective Punishment Against Venezuelan DC Embassy Protectors

Illegal Collective Punishment Against Venezuelan DC Embassy Protectors  by Stephen Lendman  Dozens of embassy protectors have been living in Venezuela’s DC embassy since mid-April, holding out against an unlawful Trump regime order to leave. The facility is sovereign Venezuelan territory. Activists protecting it from an unlawful US takeover were thanked by Bolivarian officials in Caracas, […]

Do EU Nations Side with the US Over Iran on the JCPOA?

Do EU Nations Side with the US Over Iran on the JCPOA? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) As long as the US was onboard, Iran nuclear deal signatories Britain, France, and Germany supported its implementation and provisions — no longer after Trump’s withdrawal. Their rhetoric says one thing, their actions another. […]

The Fake April 30 Coup Plot Against Venezuela: What’s Next?

The Fake April 30 Coup Plot in Venezuela: What’s Next? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Guaido’s so-called Operation Freedom, orchestrated by his Trump regime handlers, was a coup plot that wasn’t, explained by Brazil-based journalist Michael Fox and others on the ground, witnessing events as they unfolded. The scheme was head […]

Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty

Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Pompeo demanded that Russia get out of Venezuela. “We don’t want anyone messing around with” the country, he roared. Bolton made similar remarks, falsely accusing Moscow and Cuba of taking over Venezuela, warning there’s a “cost” to pay. Trump regime […]