US, NATO, Israeli Aggression in Syria

US, NATO, Israeli Aggression in Syria

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Ongoing for nearly eight years with no prospect for resolution any time soon, endless US-launched war in Syria is all about wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing the country’s sovereign independence.

There’s nothing civil about naked aggression, what’s going on in all US war theaters, other nations on its target list to be attacked. 

On the phony pretext of combating the scourge of ISIS the US and its imperial partners support, Pentagon-led terror-bombing targets vital infrastructure. Countless thousands of Syrian and Iraqi civilians were massacred since airstrikes began under Obama, escalated by Trump.

Israel has been involved in Washington’s war in Syria from inception, by its own admission conducting countless hundreds of airstrikes on the phony pretext of combating an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist.

IDF operations are all about partnering with Washington’s aim for regime change. The UN and world community nations have done nothing to challenge US/Israeli aggression.

Following Israel’s responsibility for the downing of its IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft in Syrian airspace last September, Russia warned the Netanyahu regime against conducting further airstrikes on Syrian targets.

The warning fell on deaf ears. IDF airstrikes continue. Russia failed to back its rhetoric with action, including against Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

The only language Washington and Israel understand is toughness. Sophisticated Russian air defenses can effectively counter aerial aggression.

If Russia countered their aggression in Syria, their wailing would be deafening, their response likely muted, their aggression most likely halted or greatly curtailed.

It’s what Kremlin tactics should have been since intervening in Syria at the behest of its government in September 2015. It’s the only way to restore peace and stability to the country.

Diplomacy since 2012 in Geneva, Astana, and Sochi achieved no major breakthroughs because the US wants endless war and regime change, not restoration of peace and stability.

Republicans and undemocratic Dems support endless conflicts in all US war theaters, perhaps believing Russia may tire of its involvement in Syria and quit, Washington prevailing by default, another imperial trophy gained, Iran to be targeted next.

Diplomacy is clearly preferable to conflict, effective with some countries, not with the US since the neoliberal 90s.

Over six years of Russian diplomatic outreach to resolve conflict in Syria failed. A new approach is needed.

During a Tuesday Security Council session on the Middle East, Syria’s permanent envoy Bashar al-Jaafari failed to enlist support from member states to act against Israeli aggression.

Stressing Syria’s international law affirmed right of self-defense in response to IDF terror-bombing of targets around the Damascus international airport, he said his government reserves the right to strike Israel’s Tel Aviv airport the same way.

The Netanyahu regime acts with full support and encouragement from Washington. On their own, Syrian forces aren’t likely to attack Israeli territory. Damascus wants conflict resolution, not escalation.

Jaafari made his point. UN Charter principles and other international law prohibit nations from attacking others except in self-defense.

Russia intervened to aid Damascus combat the scourge of US-supported terrorists, concerned about its own security if action wasn’t taken.

Attacking Tel Aviv airport or other Israeli targets isn’t the solution. Downing a few US and IDF warplanes engaged in aggression would be justifiable and likely go a long way toward restoring peace to the country.

Diplomacy with the US and Israel is a waste of time. Toughness alone gets their attention. 

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