Trump Regime and Palestinian Share Insults

Trump Regime and Palestinians Exchange Insults

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US-dominated NATO’s partnership with Israel and other regional rogue states bears full responsibility for endless wars, related violence, and the scourge of terrorism devastating targeted Middle East countries.

PLO secretary-general Saeb Erekat was involved in surrendering to Israeli interests at Oslo. It’s hard knowing if his occasional criticism of Israel is pretense or real.

Haaretz op-ed, he slammed the Trump regime, calling it “the main campaigner for Israel in crushing Palestinian national and human rights,” adding:

US officials support occupation harshness, suffocating Gaza blockade, IDF slaughter of peaceful Gazan demonstrators, continued settlement construction, “and of a new wave of racist Israeli laws (that not only discriminate against Palestinians living under Israeli occupation, but also against Palestinian citizens of Israel.)”

Erekat has been involved in Palestinian politics for nearly 30 years. Claiming Trump “incite(s)  against the very national and human rights of the people of Palestine” ignored Washington’s partnership with Israel against Palestinian rights throughout his active years as well as decades earlier.

There’s nothing unique about Trump regime policies other than exceeding the extremism of his predecessors.

Erekat: Trump’s “ ‘deal of the century’ is nothing less than dictating illegal policies and further violations of international law, including the recent move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.” 

“The Trump administration, by giving these acts credence, has promoted anarchy, undercut international treaties, and destabilized international organizations tasked with cleaning up Israel’s mess.”

True enough, but it’s always been this way since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1947-48, creating a Jewish state by grand theft, forged by horrendous violence, continuing daily against a long-suffering people.

True as well that “(w)hatever this Trump administration suggests for Palestine is not going to be remotely close to achieving a just and lasting peace, but rather a continuation and consolidation of Israeli colonialism and apartheid policies that continue to deny the people of Palestine their very right to exist in their homeland in freedom and dignity.”  

“Let’s call the real problem what it is: Israel’s settler-colonial occupation” of historic Palestine. Indeed so!

Zionist ideologue Jason Greenblatt serves as Trump’s special representative for international negotiations.

Erekat correctly called him “spokesperson for the Israeli occupation…endors(ing) (its) talking points…blaming Palestinian victims for their own death, injury, occupation, detention, forced displacement, and continued dispossession.”

He’s no impartial broker on anything relating to Israel. Nor were earlier US officials, one-sidedly supporting the Jewish state, supporting Israeli high crimes against Palestinians and neighboring states.

Trump regime lawyer Rudy Giuliani “wants the Palestinians on their knees,” said Erekat. Ziofascist US ambassador to Israel David Friedman rejects the term “occupation.”

Geopolitical pyromaniac Nikki Haley vetoed Security Council resolutions critical of Israeli policies, supporting occupation harshness, ignoring the Jewish state’s apartheid viciousness.

Greenblatt’s role is supporting what demands condemnation, blaming Palestinians for Israeli high crimes committed against them, along with pushing Trump’s no-peace/peace plan “deal of the century” no just leadership anywhere would accept.

In his same-day Haaretz op-ed, he supporting the Trump regime’s one-sided support for Israel at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights.He lied saying peaceful Gazan demonstrators are “violent.”

He lied saying the US embassy move to Jerusalem “provided a realistic basis for direct negotiations.” It made peace more unattainable than already.

He lied calling legitimate resistance by Hamas and other Palestinians a “danger” to Israeli security.

Hamas is a victim of US/Israeli viciousness for resolutely refusing to bow to their will.

Washington and Israel are guilty of high crimes of war, against humanity and state terror. 

In January 2006, Hamas was democratically elected Palestine’s legitimate government. It’s not a terrorist organization as falsely designated by the State Department at Israel’s request.

As long as Ziofascist regimes run Washington and Israel, regional peace will remain unattainable. Wars of aggression and lawless occupation won’t end. Palestinians will continue being viciously oppressed.

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