The new model

The portal to the new model

Zero Point Portal is the gateway into the 'new model' - the world is experiencing the greatest paradigm shift in modern history, that spans the globe through the internet.  5 years from now, we won't recognize the world.  Everything is changing, and changing rapidly.  In order to survive in the world we need to adapt, we need to change the way we think, work, and do business.  There is endless debate on the problems, but few realistic solutions.

Our story

We founded Elite E Services in New Zealand in 2002 and began trading Forex and advising clients about international investing.  In 2006 we founded EES USA and joined the NFA as a CTA, and began offering managed accounts, based on algorithmic trading systems we developed.  By 2008 we had more than 25 Million in Assets Under Management, and subsequently experienced a variety of problems with the carrying brokers becoming insolvent, bankrupt, or shut down due to new regulations.  We then decided to start a project to found our own Forex investment bank in Malta.  In 2012 we opened Structured Consulting Limited Malta.

During the last year, the investment world and internet world has been changing rapidly, from changes in regulations to the introduction of new market players such as HFT, and new Fed policies such as Abenomics and the Fed’s QE.  Also, during this time a security scandal revealed that government agencies are monitoring all electronic communications and financial transactions.  In parallel, new technologies are coming online, such as Bitcoin, changing the traditional way we use money and the markets.

The new model

Based on our extensive research and experience, we do not believe the old way of thinking will work in the future.  This applies to anyone, any business, or any investment strategy.  For the last decade, investors would have been better off buying Gold and doing nothing (+600% 10 year return).  The focus of our research is the financial markets, because they are the electronic representation of the world we live in.

Problems investors will face in the future:

  • Rapidly changing global regulatory/tax environment
  • Unstable, volatile markets
  • Political turmoil
  • Disruptive economic environment, social unrest
  • Deteriorating value of money
  • Diminishing availability of viable investment strategies
  • Capital controls (See Chase's 'derisking')

We do not believe that the solution to these problems will come in the form of a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic pill’ which, we are aware, most people are looking for.  It’s not going to be a world where you can just buy gold and forget about it; any strategy must be dynamic, and must evolve.

This model is being developed in the form of Global Intel Hub; it is a model which will constantly evolve, based on user participation, and based on significant global changes.

The new model of synthesis will include:

  • Crowdfunding (vs. traditional investment, PPM, IPO)
  • Open Source (vs. Patents, licensing)
  • Private Internet (vs. Public internet)
  • Client ownership of institution (credit union vs. traditional bank)
  • Peer to peer, decentralized (vs. Client-Server)
  • Multi-node (vs. Single ‘exchange’)
  • User participation and development of evolving model (vs. Static model delegated by higher ups)
  • Registration of a TLD (vs. Buying thousands of domain names)
  • Mesh networks (vs. an ISP)

Information in the site is as unbiased and objective as possible, and so are site policies.  That means anyone is welcome to join Global Intel Hub, regardless of beliefs, race, or species.

It also means that this model is viable for anyone who lives in ‘the real world’ – working professionals, retirees, expats, technicians, business executives, investors, financial professionals, administrators, …

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