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US hit by 20 separate billion-dollar weather disasters, totaling around $145bn in 2021 – Third costliest extreme weather year on record

From Strange Sounds US 2021 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters. NOAA The US was battered by 20 separate billion-dollar weather disasters in 2021, one of the most catastrophic natural catastrophes’ years on record which led to at least 688 deaths, according to the annual report of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Damage from the […]

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This weather is not normal or natural

Global Intel Hub – (1/1/2022 Charlotte, NC 73 degrees F) — Earlier in the year we suggested the weather would be weaponized even more.  Military technology that has been developed over a period of at least 30 perhaps 50 years enables groups who possess this technology to manipulate the weather completely. Tectonic weapons for example […]

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